After pregnancy, the fetus develops, the uterus bulges, and the mother to be becomes sluggish. However, it should not be an excuse not to exercise to be a lazy mother, but to adhere to exercise, which is not only good for the body, but also good for the baby. However, with so many kinds of sports, not all sports are suitable for expectant mothers. Here are some suitable exercises for expectant mothers. Don’t be lazy during pregnancy. Move and walk.

Recommended Sport 1: walking

Recommendation Index ★★★★

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Walking is a very beneficial sport. It is not limited by sports equipment and venues. It is simple, convenient and effective. It can not only exercise the body of expectant mothers and improve physical endurance, but also help to reduce the probability of obesity in order to have a better natural birth. After dinner, wearing light shoes and inviting family members to take a walk together can enhance the feelings of relatives, relieve mood and reduce pressure.

[exercise suggestions]

★ time: the air is relatively clear in the morning, and people are more energetic when they wake up. It’s good to go out for a walk and breathe fresh air; Taking a walk after dinner in the evening can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent obesity.

★ location: the park is an ideal place. There are many green plants, birds and flowers, which makes it fun. In addition to parks, some urban greenways are also good choices.

★ amount of exercise: according to the pregnant week and physical quality of the mother to be, it is better to control the time of each walk within half an hour. If you are tired, find a place to rest and sit down, and then continue when you recover.

Recommended sport 2: Yoga

Recommendation Index ★★★☆

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Yoga is a popular sport during pregnancy. Yoga can exercise the body flexibility of expectant mothers, and also let expectant mothers relieve pressure and tension. However, yoga is a professional sport. It’s better to get the permission of a doctor first, or it’s safer to do it under the guidance of a professional coach.

It may not be correct to practice with the video casually, and some movements are difficult, and the posture is not in place, so you can’t get exercise; Doing wrong will also have an adverse impact on the fetus.

[exercise suggestions]

★ time: yoga practice 3 ~ 4 hours after dinner.

★ location: generally choose to spread yoga mats in an open room or practice in bed.

★ amount of exercise: 2-3 times a week. During practice, the body should feel comfortable according to the physical condition. If there is any discomfort, stop immediately.

Recommended sport 3: pregnant women’s Gymnastics

Recommendation Index ★★★☆

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Compared with ordinary gymnastics, maternal gymnastics is more soothing and gentle. It can not only enhance the muscle strength of expectant mothers, but also help adjust bones, joints and other parts, so as to effectively alleviate the physical discomfort during pregnancy. If the action is not standard, not only will you not get exercise, but also may cause damage to your body. Therefore, if possible, you can sign up for a class or buy professional books for practice.

[exercise suggestions]

★ time: it is better to practice 3 ~ 4 hours after dinner.

★ location: generally choose to spread yoga mats in an open room for practice.

★ amount of exercise: it depends on the physical condition of the mother to be, and the time of each exercise should also be 20 minutes.

Recommended sport 4: swimming

Recommendation Index ★★☆☆

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Many people think expectant mothers can’t swim, not so! An appropriate amount of swimming can effectively exercise the vital capacity of the mother to be, relieve the body of the mother to be in the water and reduce fatigue. However, for the sake of safety, mothers to be are not recommended to learn swimming during pregnancy.

[exercise suggestions]

★ time: it is recommended to swim properly in the second trimester of pregnancy, and swimming is prohibited in the early and late trimester of pregnancy. Swim from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day, because the uterus is the most relaxed and is not prone to uterine contraction.

★ location: select swimming venues with water quality, cleanliness, filtration and disinfection equipment to ensure health and safety during swimming.

★ amount of exercise: the swimming time should not exceed 1 hour. It is better to swim 300-400 meters without feeling too tired at the end of the exercise.


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