With the increase of gestational age, pregnant mother will appear abdominal itching, pregnant mother always can’t help scratching. In fact, the more you scratch, the more itchy. Why does a pregnant mother have an itchy belly? How should pregnant mother nurse when abdomen itches, can alleviate anguish?

▍ causes of abdominal itching during pregnancy

To be pregnant later period, how does pregnant mother belly itch return a responsibility? What is the reason?

1. Dry skin: in autumn and winter, when the climate is dry, people’s skin is easy to become dry. Dry and itchy skin can also appear in ordinary people, especially in pregnant women.

2. Dermatosis gravidarum: it usually occurs in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Besides itching, there is no change in the skin, neither rash nor blister. It is generally believed that it is related to the increase of estrogen during pregnancy and has no effect on the fetus.

3. Pregnancy rash: it usually occurs in 4-9 months of pregnancy. The skin will appear red rash, which looks like insect bite. It often occurs in the limbs and has no effect on the fetus.

4. Toxic skin rash of pregnancy: it usually occurs on pregnant women with short stature and obesity, and most often occurs when stria gravidarum appears. At present, it is thought that it may be related to the imbalance of hormone secretion and has no effect on the fetus.

5. Papular dermatitis during pregnancy: all parts of the body may be affected, and rashes will appear on the skin of the whole body when the patient is sick. The cause of the disease is still unclear, but it may cause miscarriage or fetal death. However, the incidence is very low, so pregnant mothers need not worry too much.

6. Pregnancy sheep rash or eczema: pregnancy sheep rash is caused by the maternal rejection of the part of genes and chromosomes from the father in the baby’s body. In addition to abdominal itching, skin rash and pruritus may appear on the thigh and even the upper limb, and some may also appear pigmentation. And eczema is common in sweating, metabolic exuberant pregnant women, or obese pregnant women.

7. Cholestasis: during pregnancy, the placenta produces a large amount of androgen, which changes the permeability function of cell membrane. The function of excreting bile is weakened, resulting in cholestasis and the formation of bile embolus. Bile acid and bilirubin flow back into the blood, resulting in itching all over the body in late pregnancy. Generally speaking, it is the adverse consequences of a large amount of bile flowing back into the blood due to poor excretion.

▍ nursing methods of abdominal itching during pregnancy

Pregnant mother met with abdominal itching, must not scratch, more can’t random medication. Let’s take a look at the nursing methods of abdominal itching during pregnancy!

1. Keep wet: pay attention to the hygiene during pregnancy, keep the skin surface clean, wear cotton sweat absorbing clothes, and apply some special moisturizer for pregnant women after bathing in autumn and winter to keep the skin moist. In addition, you need to pay attention to the indoor air humidity, if it is too dry, you can use a humidifier to adjust the humidity properly.

2. Don’t use drugs indiscriminately: if the skin itches badly, you should see a doctor immediately. After the doctor has diagnosed the cause, you can prescribe the right medicine to the case. Don’t use drugs by yourself.

3. Don’t scratch: scratch is the most taboo for itchy skin. The more you scratch, the more serious you scratch. Generally, applying olive oil can relieve itching slightly, or applying calamine lotion after hot compress with warm water towel.

4. Eat more food that can enhance the elasticity of the skin: in the third trimester of pregnancy, the belly is too large and prone to stretch marks, leading to pruritus. Therefore, during pregnancy through diet to increase the elasticity of the skin, can prevent stria gravidarum caused by skin itching.

5. Keep a good attitude: tension, anxiety, excitement and other bad emotions will only aggravate the itching. Pregnant mothers should stop being impatient and keep a good mood every day.

Belly itching during pregnancy does not only happen to you. Other pregnant mothers can overcome many difficulties. Believe that you can do it yourself!


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