The concept of “looking forward to children and becoming dragons, looking forward to women and becoming Phoenix” is the wish of parents no matter what age. In order not to let children lose in the starting line, many parents start from the fetus. But in the specific implementation, it will be covered. When can we do fetal education? How can we do it properly?

I. when to start prenatal education

Fetal education time is not blind, but needs to be carried out according to the characteristics of fetal development. In medicine, it is believed that the fetus will be sensitive to light when it is 4 months old. The fetus will have a good sense of touch and taste when it is 5-6 months old. The fetus will develop hearing when it is 7-8 months old. So when pregnant mothers are doing prenatal education, they can teach them according to their aptitude!

How to do prenatal education

Fetal education can not be completed in a short time. It needs to be planned in advance. According to the growth and development characteristics of the fetus, it is better to have a specified time, scientific methods and tools of fetal education, and do not carry out it blindly.

1. Combination of multiple prenatal education methods

There are many ways of prenatal education, and with the development of the times, the way of prenatal education is changing with each passing day. According to their own actual situation, pregnant mothers can choose suitable prenatal education methods for themselves and the fetus. It is suggested to combine music prenatal education, emotional prenatal education and other prenatal education methods, so as to educate the fetus and adjust the mood of pregnant mothers at the same time.

2. Prepare relevant prenatal education tools

It’s impossible to do prenatal education without any hands. We need to prepare some prenatal education tools, such as player, disc, tape, book, etc. these tools can make pregnant mothers more handy when they do prenatal education, and they won’t be in a hurry.

3. Pay attention to the fetal response

In fetal education, we must pay attention to the fetal response. If the fetal movement is frequent, the pregnant mother should pay attention to distinguish whether the fetus likes this way of fetal education.

For example, when the fetus receives music prenatal education, when it comes to listening to music, frequent fetal movements indicate that it wants to listen; when it hears music, it does not move, indicating that it is listening; when the two songs pause, fetal movements are frequent, indicating that the fetus listens carefully; when the music ends, fetal movements begin again, indicating that the fetus wants to continue listening. The pregnant mother can record these reactions and adjust the mode of fetal education in time. With the dialogue of prenatal education, the effect is better.

4. Pregnant women should exercise

Exercise is also one of the contents of fetal education. 6-8 months of fetal cardiopulmonary function has developed. The pregnant mother can exercise properly and do some simple exercises. The pregnant mother can not only exercise the body, but also promote the brain and muscle development of the fetus.

5. Avoid the wrong way of prenatal education

Many pregnant mothers don’t realize that the way of prenatal education they do is wrong.

If you always touch your stomach, you thought that you could interact with the fetus, which will make the fetus feel the love of your mother. In fact, too often will make the fetus unable to rest well, which is not conducive to growth and development;

If you put headphones on your stomach to listen to music for your baby, you thought it could make your baby listen better, but in fact, it would cause damage to your baby’s hearing;

If the pregnant mother stayed up late to tell stories, she thought it would be helpful to the intelligence of the fetus, but in fact, neither the pregnant mother nor the fetus had a good rest.

Pregnant mothers need to avoid the wrong way of prenatal education, but also pay attention to the development of prenatal education planning, and adjust according to the actual situation. We should keep in mind that we should do a good job in prenatal education and pay more attention to rest. Only when the pregnant mother and the fetus have a good rest can we be healthy!


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