Others say, “sleepy in spring, sleepy in summer, sleepy in autumn and hibernating in winter, like a dream in all seasons”; for pregnant mothers, “sleepy in spring, sleepy in summer, sleepy in autumn and hibernating in winter, sleepy every day”. Since pregnancy, sleepy, get up for an hour sleepy, immediately sleepy after meals, watch TV and play mobile phone seconds sleep, sleep for a long time every day is always in a state of insufficient sleep. Sleepiness in the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother said she could understand, but why are they still sleepiness in the second trimester of pregnancy?!

1. Is it normal for pregnant mothers to get drowsy?

Sleepiness in pregnant women is one of the normal pregnancy reactions, because changes in hormones (such as increased lutein), accelerated basal metabolism (fast calorie consumption, insufficient blood sugar in the body), and even changes in mental state can make pregnant mothers feel tired.

Generally speaking, mothers begin sleepiness after 6 weeks of menopause and continue to be sleepy until three months of pregnancy. Around the 14th to 15th week of pregnancy, the phenomenon of sleepiness will gradually disappear after the placenta is completely formed. Of course, there are also pregnant mothers whose sleepiness does not disappear until 16 to 18 weeks.

If the mother’s sleepiness is serious, or she is still sleepy in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for examination.

2. What should a pregnant mother do when she is sleepy?

1. Pay attention to reasonable rest and take more naps

If a pregnant mother feels tired, she may as well stop for a nap for half an hour, no longer than 1 hour. Working mothers should make full use of the lunch break. Naps can relieve fatigue, supplement physical strength, and also help to increase memory, especially for women who are still working during pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to balanced diet

The health of a pregnant mother is the health of two people. It is particularly necessary to pay attention to nutritional balance in her diet. Keep in mind that food types should be changed from time to time, including meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits, and other vitamin-rich foods. Eat fewer meals and more meals so as to maintain a certain concentration of blood sugar. Although sleepy, but pregnant mothers do not drink refreshing drinks, such as tea, milk tea, coffee and so on.

3. Attention to bedtime exercise

Proper exercise before sleep is not only beneficial to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers, but also helpful to improve the quality of sleep. However, it should be noted that at the end of one hour before bedtime, gymnastics or gymnastics for pregnant women with moderate amount of exercise can be selected. Of course, you can read your favorite books before going to bed to relax your mood.

4. Attention should be paid to creating a comfortable sleeping environment

Sleep environment can directly affect a person’s sleep quality. Bedroom layout should be comfortable, because pregnant mothers are more likely to feel hot than ordinary people, so attention should be paid to maintaining ventilation and fresh air. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the bedroom lighting can not be too bright and dazzling, can not be too dim without a sense of security.

Pregnant mothers’sleepiness in early pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, not to worry too much, but not to be taken lightly, but should be from the cultivation of good sleep habits, attention to diet and nutrition and moderate exercise, etc., to the best state!


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