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Today, quaquack recommends something about “prenatal education”.

Today, quack wants to ask you: have you heard of language prenatal education? Quack wants to share an interesting story with you. There is a baby who is famous for crying. She can’t move and cry. How can she pacify her mother. Strangely, at this time, as long as the baby hears the father’s voice, it will be quiet immediately, and the mother’s Vinegar jar has been knocked over.

The father’s reason is that when he appeases the baby, he speaks in the tone of prenatal education. Maybe the familiar voice makes the baby feel safe, so he doesn’t cry.

This is a very interesting story. Is language prenatal education so magical? It can be.

At 17 weeks, the baby can hear the sound. TA’s memory, learning ability, as well as the ability to receive language signals have been enhanced. Talking to your baby at this time is equivalent to repeatedly stimulating the signal of TA, which can promote the connection of synapses and make your baby smarter. In addition, what you say to your baby, TA can receive and store it in the brain imperceptibly, just like putting hidden files in the hard disk, it is possible that one day the password will be on the right side, and it will come back in a flash. Although the baby still can’t understand what you’re talking about, TA will remember the wavelength and frequency of your voice, and feel the feelings you and your husband convey to ta.

Language prenatal education is a very interesting thing, although every day in front of the belly full of emotion to talk to oneself, it seems a little silly, but also very cute. Think about how romantic it is to tell your baby “I love you” every day. Seeing the beautiful flowers on the road, I feel that it’s too inspiring to send my friends around. Isn’t your baby your best audience? Telling your baby fairy tales and reading poetry and prose is also a good way for you to cultivate your sentiment and relax your mood.

Dialogue with the baby, adhere to language prenatal education, is to build a spiritual bridge of love between your mother and son, so that you are closer to each other.

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In addition to genetic factors, nutrition and fetal education are the most important factors for the healthy growth of the fetus. However, most pregnant women and their families attach great importance to nutrition and neglect fetal education.

Today, quaquack selected two questions and answers about “prenatal education during pregnancy” from Dr. Li ruiman, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. I hope they will be beneficial to you. For the detailed content of expert interview, please see the special topic: nurture healthy baby, nutrition and prenatal education (click the text in front to jump to the special page)

What is prenatal education?

Dr. Li ruiman answers:

The broad sense fetal education refers to actively selecting or creating useful information for children in the environment, providing them with feelings and getting favorable effects; the narrow sense fetal education refers to using various factors in the environment to stimulate the sensory organs, and transforming the information of feelings into bioelectricity, passing through the sensory nerve to the brain, stimulating the cerebral cortex to generate new neural connections; Fetal education can be divided into direct fetal education and indirect fetal education. Indirect fetal education refers to that the external environment affects the mood of the pregnant mother, through the psychological activities and emotional changes of the pregnant mother, causes changes in the composition and hormone level in the blood of the pregnant mother, thus affecting the growth and development of the fetus; direct fetal education refers to the physical means such as sound wave, touch and care, which directly transmits information to the fetal sense organs across the abdominal wall of the pregnant mother.

Q: when can we start prenatal education?

Dr. Li ruiman answers:

The baby has sense of touch from 5 months and vision from 6 months. You can touch the baby from 5 months and have a conversation with him. However, you should pay attention to stop if you touch the stomach hard. It is easy to cause regular contractions and premature birth.


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