Pregnant women have a strong metabolism and are more afraid of heat than ordinary people. In hot summer, they are more likely to suffer from heatstroke. Heatstroke of pregnant women will not only affect their own health, but also threaten the health of the fetus, and even cause devastating damage, which can not be underestimated! I put forward the summer cooling tips, so that the pregnant mother can also feel a trace of cool in the heat. If pregnant mother unfortunate heatstroke, how to do? The first-aid measures for heatstroke I have collected can help pregnant women relieve the danger at the first time. Let’s have a look!

The best way to cool down

As we all know, the temperature of pregnant women is slightly higher than that of normal people, and they are more afraid of people than normal people. This hot summer, enough to make pregnant mother crazy, cool tricks, I immediately presented!

· changing the interior furnishings

There’s a coolness that you think it’s cool! Want to feel cooler, might as well try to change the interior furnishings, the furniture tidy up, from the visual let people feel a little bit empty, this is not only conducive to air circulation, but also can bring a cool and comfortable feeling. On the contrary, things are messy, space is crowded, people will become irritable, will feel more hot.

· keep room temperature at 26 ℃ ° C-28 ° C

Turn on the air conditioner to cool down, pay attention to ventilation, do not always close the doors and windows. In the morning or evening, it’s better to open the window and open the door for ventilation. At noon, when it’s hot, you can turn on the air conditioner or fan to reduce the room temperature to 26 ° C-28 ℃, avoid heatstroke. Note that the air conditioner and fan do not blow directly at people, otherwise it is easy to catch cold.

· frequent bathing

In summer, the weather is hot, the human body sweats a lot, and the body consumes a lot of water. The pregnant mother’s metabolism is more vigorous, more likely to sweat, so frequent bathing, keep the body clean. The temperature of the bath water should be appropriate, not greedy cool, not overheating.

Pregnant mother accidentally heatstroke, how to do?

“Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.” pregnant mom can’t stay in the air-conditioned room all the time. If you go out during the high temperature period and get heatstroke, don’t be nervous. Here, I’ll tell you some first-aid measures in advance, so that the accompanying staff can respond quickly and help pregnant mom relieve the danger. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. Quickly transfer the pregnant mother with heatstroke symptoms to a cool and ventilated place, let her lie flat, fan her with a fan, and unfasten her collar and trouser belt, so as to facilitate the breathing and heat dissipation of the pregnant mother. Don’t let the crowd surround the pregnant mother. If the air is not well ventilated, it will be more difficult for the pregnant mother to breathe.

2. Use cold water to wipe the pregnant mother with heatstroke, or use cold water wet towel or ice bag, ice on the neck, armpit and other major artery blood vessels to help the pregnant mother quickly dissipate heat.

3. If the pregnant mother is sober, let the pregnant mother drink more water or light saline to supplement the lost body fluid.

4. If the pregnant mother is unconscious all the time, you can press her middle and Hegu acupoints with your thumb. Let them lie down in a cool and ventilated place after waking up.

5. If the above measures are not improved, or the pregnant mother has other symptoms, she should go to the hospital immediately.

In hot summer, pregnant mother should pay attention to sunstroke prevention when going out, replenish water in time, don’t walk for a long time, pay attention to rest, and prepare sunshade when going out, so as to avoid direct exposure to the sun. In the room, if the temperature is high, turn on the air conditioner or fan to cool down, but don’t blow directly at yourself.


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