In December, most parts of the country have cooled down, a gust of north wind blowing, can not help but make people tremble, a little inattention is also liable to catch cold. Especially pregnant mothers, don’t think that the relatively high body temperature during pregnancy is not afraid of cold, it is not trivial for pregnant women to catch cold.

After a woman is pregnant, her constitution changes and her exercise is limited, her immunity will inevitably decrease, her ability to resist cold will also decrease, and she will catch cold more easily, but she can’t use drugs casually. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to keeping warm in winter and protect themselves carefully.


For pregnant mothers who are afraid of cold, it is necessary to learn some strategies to resist cold. Cold strategy in hand, warm winter without pressure.

1. Keeping warm in cold-prone areas

Head: Head cold easily causes headache, fever and other phenomena. Pregnant mothers should not be careless, especially after washing their hair, they must blow it dry in time.

Abdomen: The resistance of Zusanyin meridian to cold pathogens is weak. Pregnant mothers should cover their quilts at night or during lunch break to avoid coldness and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Lower limbs: Cold pathogens can reach the abdomen from the lower limbs along the meridians, so don’t neglect the lower limbs, especially the feet, when your feet are warm, the whole people will warm up.

2. Eat away from cold food in winter

Winter temperature is relatively low, to resist the cold naturally is to refuse cold food, such as crabs, mung beans, kelp, laver, preserved eggs and other cold food, pregnant mothers to reduce intake, can not eat! If you eat cold food or suffer from cold, pregnant mothers can drink hot brown sugar and ginger water, warm stomach and disperse cold. If pregnant mothers do not understand the attributes of food, they should at least try to eat as little as possible or not to eat frozen food, cold food and cold food.

3. Foot soaking in hot water

In cold winter, it’s best for pregnant mothers with cold hands and feet to soak their feet before bed. Hot water soaking feet before bed can promote blood circulation of feet, prevent leg swelling and eliminate fatigue. However, the water temperature of soaking feet should not be too high, about 40 degrees Celsius, and the time should not be too long, usually 15-30 minutes. After soaking your feet, you go to bed. The whole person is warm. The cold bed in winter is soon warmed up by you, so that you can sleep well.

4. Increase and decrease clothes in time when going out or returning home

In winter, there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, especially in the north, where there is heating indoors and heavy snow outdoors. Go out and go home, cold and hot, easy to catch cold. Therefore, pregnant mothers must wear enough clothes when they go out in winter. When the temperature is low, they should also wear gloves, scarves and hats to prevent the invasion of cold. When you get home, you should reduce your clothes in time to avoid sweating.

5. Adding clothes to the toilet in the middle of the night

It is common for pregnant women to urinate frequently, so it is unavoidable to get up in the middle of the night, while some pregnant mothers rush to the toilet when they get up and don’t wear their coats. Although the toilet time is not long, but the pregnant mother from the warm bedding out, suddenly touched the cold air, easy to chill.

Pregnant mothers may as well put a coat or shawl beside the bed and wear it when going to the toilet at night so as not to catch cold.

In addition, many people use hot water bags to warm up in winter, especially in the abdomen. But it is not recommended for pregnant women to use hot water bags. The hot water bags have high temperature, local heating may affect fetal development, or even lead to abortion. If conditions permit, it is recommended to turn on the heating indoors, so that pregnant mothers can not easily catch cold in winter, but when the heating is turned on, the indoor is dry, and it is best to use with humidifiers.


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