Some women quit their jobs to stay at home after pregnancy and become full-time pregnant mothers. However, if you stay at home for a long time, boring and decadent days can easily cause you to feel anxious and frustrated. People still need to contact with society and communicate with people more. Otherwise, over time, you may become lonely, easily cranky, afraid of communicating with people, weak, and even endanger the health of mothers and babies. How do you spend your time in a full-time pregnancy? I teach you 2 tips to get out of your home and enjoy your pregnancy.

Full time pregnant mother summer time pass the first move: shopping mall

Full-time mothers are inevitably bored to stay at home every day, but the hot summer is a stumbling block for mothers to go out. Do you want to go out in the summer? I suggest that pregnant mothers do not stay at home all the time and go out occasionally. It’s not only good for their health, but also good for their mood. When outdoor weather is hot, you can consider visiting the nearby shopping malls. Moreover, for most women, as long as they go shopping, their mood will improve.

A wandering purpose

The family’s rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea need to be supplemented. Pregnant Mommy can go to “purchase”. Just have the motivation to go out, otherwise always a person staying at home is prone to stuffy illness, and mood is prone to become depressed, temper will become irritable. However, “purchase” should be done according to one’s ability. Pregnant mothers can’t lift heavy things. If they need to buy more things, it is recommended to buy them in stages. Anyway, they are at home full-time and have time to walk every day, which is good for their health. Don’t wear themselves out once.

Aimless wandering

Boring at home, shopping in the mall, even if you do not buy things, it is also good to see. It can enjoy free air conditioning, pass the time, and walk properly. It can be said that exercise and fitness can be done at one stroke. However, the air-conditioning temperature of shopping malls is generally relatively low, and it will feel cold after a long stay. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to adding clothes to themselves. Don’t stay in the mall for too long, take a rest after a while, and don’t tire herself.

Notices in shopping malls

1, avoid rush hour. When there are too many people, the air in the shopping mall is not good, and it is easy to bump and bump, so pregnant mothers should not join in the fun.

2. Shopping time should not be too long, it is better not to exceed 2 hours, after returning home to sit and rest for a while, in order to eliminate fatigue.

Full time pregnant mother summer time kill second strokes: Party

The sun in summer scorches the earth and sweats when it moves slightly. Especially pregnant mothers who are afraid of heat are more likely to sweat. Can pregnant mothers only stay at home boredly in summer? This is a tough day for pregnant mommy who loves to play. How can a full-time pregnant mother spend her time watching TV and playing mobile phones?

Let’s have afternoon tea.

Every pregnant mummy has some partners at the same time, so let’s have an afternoon tea together. Choose a clean leisure bar, order some healthy snacks, sit down and eat while chatting. As pregnant women, there must be a lot of common topics, exchange pregnancy experience, seek tips, seek experience, complain bitter water and so on, enough for pregnant mothers to chat for an afternoon. Why not pass the time and learn the knowledge of pregnancy?

Let’s make a dinner appointment.

Find a favorite restaurant, make friends with a few familiar pregnant women, or send a dinner party in the forum of pregnant mothers, gather some pregnant mothers to eat together, make friends and chat. While tasting delicious food, exchanging pregnancy experience, or nagging about parents’shortcomings are all things that pregnant mothers are interested in. In the process of communication, maybe some of your doubts during pregnancy can be solved, and negative emotions can be eliminated.

Tips for going out for dinner

1, try to choose a clean, hygienic and safe hotel. It’s best to have meals in the box, and a quiet environment is more conducive to communication.

2. In the choice of dishes, more steaming and stewing, less frying and roasting, low salt and low fat, and balanced nutrition.

3, eat seven or eight points full. Many people eat together, the dishes are many, and it is easier to mobilize the mood of eating. However, pregnant Mommy should be careful not to eat too much and take a walk after dinner.

Staying at home for a long time is always a problem. Pregnant Mommy needs to change her lifestyle. At this time, whether it is to go out shopping alone, or to eat, drink and play with pregnant women’s partners, it is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers. Remember, staying at home every day is not the best protection for babies.


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