Women are said to be made of water, easy to cry. Especially after pregnancy, a series of changes in the body, so that the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable, mood sometimes bad, moody, many mothers also secretly cry.

▎ if you cry during pregnancy, please raise your hand

@ Guoguo Ma: I, I! I went to the hospital for birth examination, passed the delivery room, and heard the “scream” coming from inside, which scared me to tears!

Yun Yun’s mother: once I asked my husband to buy me something. As a result, he forgot. When he got home, he was scolded by me, saying that he didn’t love me and didn’t care about me. Then he thought about it and cried.

@ banana mother: pregnant vomit makes me sick like a patient every day. I feel very aggrieved. If I want to experience this, I cry when I think about it.

@ Yangyang Ma: I always like to compare my husband with others’ husbands. I think my husband is not considerate enough and loves me. I even think about not having a baby~


In short, a thousand mothers to be have a thousand reasons to cry!

▎ always crying during pregnancy, is this normal?

It’s normal to cry once in a while! Always cry, it’s time to intervene!

After pregnancy, hormone changes, the mood of the expectant mother will also change quietly. In addition, due to some external reasons, pregnant mothers are easy to be excited and emotional, and love to cry secretly. Occasionally crying, in fact, has certain benefits to the body, can appropriately release pressure, regulate their own emotions.

However, some mothers will always love to cry. For example, they will cry when they encounter some unhappiness in life. If they cry often, the fetus will also be affected

▎ always sad and crying during pregnancy

Pregnant women love to cry, seems to be a very common thing, but the potential harm is great.

Cause abnormal fetal movement

If pregnant women often cry, often maintain fear, depression or emotional fluctuations and other bad mental state, will lead to maternal blood circulation is not smooth, hypoxia and other changes, so that the number of fetal movements increased or decreased, and even caused umbilical cord around the neck.

Fetuses are prone to defects

Pregnant women in the second ten days of pregnancy, the fetal oral roof and maxilla began to develop and form. In this case, due to sudden accidents caused by pregnant women crying, emotional over uneasy, easy to lead to fetal cleft lip, cleft palate and other defects.

▎ do this to regain the beautiful mood during pregnancy

It’s not too difficult to be in a good mood during pregnancy. Mothers to be can try these simple and effective methods.

Share interesting events during pregnancy

If you are a person who likes to record your life, you may as well record more details of your pregnancy life. For example, you can record your pregnancy life by writing diaries and making friends. By sharing your interesting life, your relatives and friends can cheer and encourage you. Your mood will be beautiful.

Wonderful music sounds good

Music can heal. When you are in a bad mood, listen to some music you like to calm down. In listening to music at the same time, is also doing music fetal education for the baby, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Actively communicate with others

When you are in a bad mood, don’t always bear it by yourself. You can talk to your family, friends, or some friends of your pregnant mother. I believe that the other party will be happy to help you out. This is better than a person’s wishful thinking at home.

In short, the health of pregnant women is not only physical, but also psychological. Crying during pregnancy, the fetus will be very hurt. Try to be optimistic and let love and smile fill every day of pregnancy.


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