Recently, my colleague Xiao a, who has been pregnant for more than six months, is very controlled in her diet, which is quite different from her diet in the previous months!

I couldn’t help but ask her: you’ve been eating very well recently. Why?

Small a said: last month to the birth examination, the doctor said that my blood sugar is on the high side, let me eat less starch food! I can’t even eat potatoes recently!

I asked again, little a said that he might have let himself fly a few months before pregnancy. He often ate food such as net red bread or pizza for a long time. As a result, his blood sugar was on the high side! Now I’m trying to find a way to lower it. I’ll wait for this week’s check-up!

Hyperglycemia during pregnancy has a great influence

In the middle and later stages of pregnancy, doctors will recommend blood glucose measurement.

For ordinary people, the normal value of fasting blood glucose can be kept in the range of 3.9-6.1mmol/l, but due to the particularity of pregnant women, the normal value of fasting blood glucose is strictly controlled, which is stipulated to be 3.1-5.6mmol/l.

Presumably, there are many pregnant mothers and small a the same situation, before the blood sugar test did not think that they will have high blood sugar situation, but high blood sugar is to find the door! Too high blood sugar will increase the risk of childbirth and harm the health of mothers. At the same time, it will increase the possibility of abortion or premature delivery, which is not good for adults and children.

What causes high blood sugar in pregnant women?

There are five main reasons for the high blood sugar of pregnant mothers, which are unreasonable diet structure, overweight, family genetic history, excessive gestational age and hormone blocking insulin secretion.

During pregnancy, the placenta of the expectant mother will secrete hormones that can resist the production of insulin, resulting in the decrease of insulin secretion, which is easy to cause the high blood sugar of the expectant mother during pregnancy and endanger the health of the baby.

Unreasonable diet is the most common cause of high blood sugar in pregnant women. With the improvement of living standards, many pregnant women like to eat foods with too much calories and fat. The stimulation of food makes insulin secretion increase. When the function of the islets of Langerhans can’t bear the pressure and the secretion of insulin can’t meet the needs of the mother to be, the blood sugar of the mother to be during pregnancy will be on the high side.

In addition, little exercise also leads to high blood sugar. In fact, such a lifestyle is not good for the fetus, on the contrary, the risk of gestational diabetes is greatly increased.

In addition, the insulin hypoglycemic activity of overweight mothers will be seriously reduced, and the risk of diabetes in pregnancy will be significantly increased.

How does the blood sugar on the high side during pregnancy do?

1. Diet control

After the first detection of excessive blood sugar, diet should be controlled according to the doctor’s advice.

On the one hand, we should control the intake of high sugar food, especially the fruit with high sugar content to eat less or not. You can choose vegetables, melons and fruits with low sugar content, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. fruits can be placed between meals, which can delay the rise of blood sugar, also has a sense of fullness, and is conducive to blood sugar control.

On the other hand, don’t always think that only sweet food can affect blood sugar. Staple foods such as steamed bread, noodles and rice can also affect blood sugar. When the blood sugar is on the high side, it is suggested to eat miscellaneous grains and rice, which is easy to satisfy the hunger, and easy to digest, which is good for controlling blood sugar.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure the intake of meat, eggs and milk, and to increase the intake of vegetables.

2. Eat less and eat more

Pregnant women should control the rise of blood sugar and ensure the normal development of the fetus. They can adopt the principle of eating less and eating more, so that the food can be digested and absorbed as much as possible. It’s better to have three big meals and three small meals. Also try to put an end to snacks with high sugar content, such as chocolate, biscuits, etc., and choose dried fruits, nuts, etc.

3. Weight control

In the later period of pregnancy, if the weight of pregnant mother grows too fast, it is easy to cause obesity during pregnancy, which will naturally lead to excessive blood sugar. There is a range of weight growth during pregnancy. If the growth exceeds the standard, the doctor will generally inform and give appropriate control methods. Please follow the doctor’s instructions.

4. Proper exercise

After dinner activities play a great role in the consumption of blood sugar. Therefore, doctors generally suggest that pregnant women with high blood sugar can exercise properly after meals. Take more walks, can effectively reduce blood sugar, but also promote digestion, exercise.

If the expectant mother’s blood sugar is on the high side, please ask the doctor for help to arrange a reasonable diet during pregnancy, and strictly follow the diet during pregnancy. In addition to this, regular review should be carried out until the index drops and the production goes smoothly.


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