Pregnant women with gestational diabetes are often referred to as “sugar moms”. We must not think that “Sugar Mama” is a sweet and sweet nickname. On the contrary, the “sugar mother” of pregnant women should be more careful and rigorous in the care and monitoring of pregnancy, gestational diabetes if not properly controlled, is likely to threaten the lives of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

How did she get pregnant with gestational diabetes?

In the second trimester, pregnant mothers are required to receive a glucose tolerance test. The so-called “glucose tolerance test” is that the pregnant mother in the examination before fasting 12 hours, first fasting blood test blood sugar, and then five minutes to drink the hospital prepared glucose water, and then blood tests for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours of blood sugar.

If two or more of them reach or exceed the normal value of the test standard, gestational diabetes can be diagnosed. Only 1 items above normal values were diagnosed as impaired glucose tolerance.

Why is pregnant mother suffering from gestational diabetes?

During pregnancy, various factors lead to abnormal glucose metabolism in pregnant women. But many people do not have the corresponding symptoms, even when fasting blood sugar is normal, so did not cause the corresponding attention.

However, gestational diabetes mellitus can have a variety of adverse effects on pregnant mothers and fetuses, such as fetal overweight or ultra-light, premature delivery, and more serious risk of fetal asphyxia in utero. Therefore, pregnant women can not ignore blood sugar during pregnancy.

How does pregnant mother pay attention to controlling blood sugar?

So, pregnant women in pregnancy should pay attention to how to control blood sugar, to avoid abnormal blood sugar situation, should be from the diet and exercise control.

Food and drink

Pregnant mothers should not eat high-fat food during pregnancy, try not to eat chocolate, beverages, litchi, sugar cane, a large number of watermelon and other sugary foods and fruits.

Pregnant mother always thinks that eating more fruits is not a bad thing. But some fruits are high in sugar, so pregnant women should choose fruits with low sugar content, such as cucumbers, tomatoes or kiwifruit.

The staple food should avoid foods with high starch content. Because starch can also be converted into sugar in the body, so pregnant mothers in the diet staple food, it is recommended not pure white rice, can be half rice and half oats or red rice, both healthy and beneficial to pregnant mothers.


Exercise is beneficial to both the mother and the fetus, but the mother’s exercise should be moderate, not intense. Walking and swimming are good choices. Proper exercise can also promote pregnant mothers to consume too much sugar in the body.

In fact, a good way to control blood sugar during pregnancy is diet and exercise. If pregnant women have diagnosed gestational diabetes mellitus, they must be treated according to the doctor’s advice. Control your mouth and legs, and pass through the second trimester and the third trimester.


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