Li Li, a colleague, was 5 months pregnant and was particularly worried that the daily radiation would affect the health of fetal treasure. She was very careful at ordinary times and even the electromagnetic stove at home was out of use.

Seeing that the National Day is coming, Lili has booked a ticket back to Wuhan. She wants to go back to her hometown in the middle of pregnancy, but now she is worried again. “The airport security check is very strict. I heard that there will be radiation at the security check gate. I’m afraid of even the hand-held security check instrument. What should I do? How is the security gate going? “

Before we understand this problem, let’s have a quick look at which radiation is what pregnant mothers usually need to be careful about.

Radiation can be roughly divided into two categories: ionizing radiation and non ionizing radiation.

Electromagnetic wave with high frequency and high energy belongs to ionizing radiation, such as nuclear radiation and X-ray. Long time and large dose exposure will cause serious color loss to human body. But don’t worry too much, because these harmful ionizing radiation are really rare in normal times!

However, the low-frequency electromagnetic wave emitted by computers, mobile phones and other devices usually belongs to non ionizing radiation. There is no evidence to prove that it will cause damage to human body. Pregnant mothers can still use it at ease, but they should pay attention to controlling the use time and avoid staying up late and sitting for a long time to play with mobile phones and computers.

First, the security gate is not an x-ray device, but a metal detector with no ionizing radiation. The same is true of the hand-held metal detector that sweeps all over the body. It is harmless to the body and can be checked at ease.

They are detected by means of inductive current detection device, using the principle of magnetic induction, weak magnetic induction technology rather than X-ray scanning technology, belonging to electromagnetic radiation, rather than ionizing radiation. We usually use the principle of induction cooker, stereo, telephone, etc.

During pregnancy, the most vulnerable time to malformation caused by ionizing radiation is 4-24 weeks of pregnancy.

According to the guidance of the American Society of Radiology, the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the United States Food and drug administration, if the dose of X-ray radiation received by the fetus is less than 50 mGy, it will not have a health impact on the fetus.

What do you mean? In short, if a pregnant woman passes the X-ray screening gate five million times, it will not affect the fetus. Besides, the time of passing the security gate is not very long, about 5-10 seconds.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can rest assured that the security door. If there is any concern, pregnant mothers can tell the staff that they need special treatment when they pass the security check in special places.

When it comes to radiation, pregnant mothers are always cautious, especially office workers, who may also buy a radiation protective suit with hundreds of oceans to prevent radiation. Is it really necessary?

In fact, there is really harmful ionizing radiation to human body, and radiation proof clothing can not prevent it at all. But the common non ionizing radiation, will not cause harm to the mother and the baby. Most of the radiation can’t even reach the threshold of any effect, so we can say that radiation protective clothing is unnecessary.

However, radiation proof clothing is not useless, after all, it is outstanding as a seat artifact.

In short, pregnant mother vacation can rest assured travel, rest assured through the security gate!


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