Many pregnant mothers become anxious after pregnancy, fearing that eating too much will lead to hyperglycemia, and eating too little and undernourished will lead to hypoglycemia. This is the hypoglycemic symptom that many pregnant mothers worry about. Why is hypoglycemia more likely to occur during pregnancy, how should we regulate it?

1. Causes and symptoms of hypoglycemia during pregnancy

Because both insulin and glucagon are secreted by the pancreas, the metabolism of pregnant mothers is accelerated, and the blood flow of islets is more than that of non-pregnant mothers, the physiological function of islets is very vigorous, which leads to the high level of insulin in the blood and the low level of blood sugar (especially fasting blood sugar) of expectant mothers, resulting in dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, hand tremor and cold sweat. Blood sugar symptoms.

2. How to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia

1. Pay attention to rational diet planning

During pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to diet, especially those with blood sugar problems. They should obey and implement the dietary plan formulated by obstetricians, follow the principle of balanced nutrition and eat less and more meals to ensure the normal energy supply of fetuses and mothers.

2. Pay attention to frequent pregnancy and vomiting

Pregnancy vomiting is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, but if pregnant women are too frequent, appearing nausea, unable to eat food, dizziness, dizziness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, faint sweating, eye Venus and so on, we should pay special attention to whether hypoglycemia, timely recuperation, and timely medical treatment when necessary.

3. Keep some sugary snacks on your body

Pregnant women need to know which foods will alleviate hypoglycemia symptoms faster, such as fruits, desserts, sugary diets, etc. Pregnant women who are worried about hypoglycemia can keep some candy in their pockets, especially on the way to and from work.

4. Perform regular inspection

It is very important to do a good job of maternity examination during pregnancy. Documentation should be established in the hospital and relevant inspection items such as blood test, urine test, B-mode ultrasound, fetal heart rate monitoring should be perfected in the designated time to ensure the health status of pregnant women and fetuses in the abdomen.

5. Keep your mood happy

Women are easily emotional during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers need to pay attention to mood pleasure during pregnancy, exercise properly, control the reasonable growth of body weight, make adequate preparation for childbirth, and more effectively prevent prenatal depression and postpartum depression and other diseases.

Many pregnant women do not pay attention to hypoglycemia symptoms, thus affecting fetal health. Therefore, pregnant women with hypoglycemia must not be ignored, and in an appropriate way to deal with and recuperate!


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