From the day of knowing pregnancy, is it full of uneasiness and anticipation? With the baby growing up day by day, vomiting, chest swelling, edema, cramps, insomnia and other conditions are more or less likely to occur in pregnant mothers, but as long as the baby successfully passed various tests, is it worth all kinds of?

In these pregnancy symptoms, breast pain is probably every pregnant mother will experience, since the beginning of pregnancy, mother-to-be breast began to change a lot, this is because it is actively prepared for breast-feeding Oh!

Breasts will increase 2~3 cups during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the breast undergoes secondary development, significantly enlarged by 2 to 3 cups, and after the breast feeding period, the breast will return to its original size. Cruelly, if the care is not good, the breast may shrink after weaning, sagging or even one side of the big side small. Some pregnant mothers choose not to wear bras because their breasts are enlarged and they feel oppressed. This is not right. Breast care must start during pregnancy. Expectant mothers can choose suitable bras according to the changes of their breasts. Not only can they prevent breasts from drooping, but also relieve breast swelling and pain.

Normal colostrum secretion during pregnancy

Breasts are already producing milk before delivery. In the last three months of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will secrete a small amount of papillae or transparent or pale milk yellow colostrum, which is a normal phenomenon, it will last until one or two days after delivery, normal milk will be secreted. Especially near the time of pregnancy and childbirth, this phenomenon is actually a breast signal to the mother-to-be, that it is ready to provide milk for the baby at any time. If nipple milk is obvious, you can wear an anti breast pad in the bra to reduce the number of underwear changes.

Breast cleaning care begins in mid pregnancy

With the secondary development of the breast and colostrum secretion, pregnant mothers’breasts may sometimes feel painful swelling, nipples are also easy to form milk scab. Bathing, pregnant mothers can massage the breasts moderately, relieve breast pain, and gently wipe off the small particles blocked in the nipple opening, need to be particularly reminded that breast care recommendations from the first five months of pregnancy, because early pregnancy nipple stimulation is easy to stimulate uterine contraction, breast care, especially nipple, can not last long Between the stimulation, nipples can be a minute or two at a time, after cleaning the nipples, you can apply some moisturizer to protect the skin nipples.

Beware of mastitis during lactation.

Pregnant October, finally ushered in the birth of the baby, the mother’s breasts also began to provide food for the baby, at this time the breast should be more careful care to prevent the occurrence of mastitis. Breast-feeding as early as possible after delivery, breast swelling pain and timely hot compress, can reduce the possibility of suffering from mastitis. Breast feeding interval of 2 to 3 hours / time is appropriate, two breasts should be alternately fed, in order to prevent breast asymmetry after breast feeding, when one breast can feed the baby, or because of nipple chapped need to suspend breast feeding, breast should be sucked with a suction machine, which is very important to prevent mastitis!

Choose breast-feeding bra to prevent chest out of shape.

Breast-feeding is the best gift a mother can give to a newborn baby, but the problem of breast alignment after breast-feeding also worries her. In fact, breast feeding alone does not lead to breast disorders, most of which are caused by a combination of factors, such as improper underwear selection during breast-feeding, random breast-feeding posture, significant weight changes and so on. Because postpartum breast-feeding will cause a greater burden on the mother’s chest, so breast-feeding bra must be selected, it is best to wear a button-down type of support breast-feeding bra.


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