May Day holiday is approaching, a rare holiday, many people will want to travel, pregnant mothers are no exception. Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers are often restricted, so they want to take advantage of the May Day holidays, break through the “cage” to play, also easy to relax. However, pregnant women are not the same as ordinary people. What are the things that need to be prepared in advance? What should we pay attention to when we travel?

Before traveling: do these three things well.

1, look at the physical condition before you travel.

After all, the physical condition of pregnant mothers and ordinary people are not quite the same, pregnant with good conditions, can consider the most stable period of pregnancy in the middle (that is, pregnancy 4-7 months), appropriate arrangements for travel. But if the pregnant mother’s body has obvious discomfort, such as early bleeding, cold, easy carsickness, a high-risk pregnancy or premature delivery of the last child, it is better to consult the doctor’s opinion, and according to personal circumstances, so as not to play too much, and cause danger, it is worthwhile.

2. Make travel plans ahead of schedule.

Pregnant Mommy should not be overtired. On the way to travel, let the body get enough rest. Therefore, compact tour groups are not suitable for pregnant mothers, while self-driving or semi-self-help travel is more suitable for pregnant mothers. In addition, the weather, traffic and medical conditions in tourist areas must be identified before departure.

3, choose the right tourist destination.

The choice of location is very important when pregnant Mommy may take a long vacation. In many remote areas, although the environment is beautiful, traffic and medical conditions are not suitable for pregnant mummy to play. Because the pregnant woman’s body can not withstand the long-distance turbulence, once any discomfort or abnormal conditions occur during the trip to the nearby hospital to deal with immediately. So, how do you choose to spend your holiday in Mommy?

Big cities

May Day is just a small peak of tourism, many famous tourist cities will launch some very attractive large-scale activities, tourism content will be more rich and enriched. Such a big tourist city, the environment is usually more beautiful, a variety of living facilities are more perfect, medical conditions are better, pregnant mother may go to such a place for a long vacation to travel more assured.

Outskirts tourism area

Such tourist areas, usually scenic spots and services have been developed relatively well, not far from the city where they live, the road is flat, do not need long-distance bumps, pregnant mothers can travel with their families by themselves. Nowadays, many big cities are surrounded by villas suitable for families or several families to vacation together. Most of these villas are located in beautiful surroundings, pleasant scenery, very suitable for pregnant mother to play. Moreover, closer to the urban area, once abnormal, can immediately go to the hospital.

Travel time: attention should be paid to clothing, food and shelter.

Wearing aspect

Choosing a pair of comfortable walking shoes is very important, it is best not to wear new shoes to travel, in case the new shoes do not fit, and can not buy a suitable replacement of shoes. Clothing, it is best to wear sweat, breathable, loose clothes, it is best to choose more conducive to the activities of trousers. Bigger pregnant Mommy can prepare abdominal strap to reduce the burden of the abdomen.

Diet aspect

The worst thing to fear when traveling is eating a bad stomach, and if it’s not convenient to find a toilet on the way, how disappointing it is, mother must be careful.

1. Some special foods that have never been tried, it is better not to eat, in order to avoid gastrointestinal unused symptoms.

2. Don’t drink too much cold drinks. You’d better prepare your own boiled water.

3, pay attention to the freshness of food and avoid eating raw food (such as salad, sashimi, etc.).


1, try to choose comfortable and clean hotels to avoid insomnia at night.

2. Pregnant mother walked more during the day, after returning to the hotel in the evening can be slightly padded with quilt leg height, or with warm blisters feet, promote blood circulation, eliminate leg fatigue.

Traffic aspect

1, by air. If you are traveling by air, when you can unlock your seat belt, it’s best for your mother to stand up and stretch, move her legs and feet, and keep herself in a more comfortable state.

2, drive. If the family is driving a self-driving tour, it is best to stop every other period of time, let pregnant mothers get off the car for a walk, exercise the muscles and bones; pregnant women mostly have frequent urination problems, through the service area, pregnant mothers had better get off the car to go to the bathroom, so as not to choke urine.

3. Some tourist attractions may provide some means of transportation, but pregnant women should not take a motorcycle, speedboat or bicycle, rather play less, but also to ensure safety.

Pregnant women are not unable to travel, but to consider more details of the trip, after all, with a baby in their stomach, the burden of travel is heavier than ordinary people. May Day out to play, pregnant mothers first have to consider the safety problem, if you can not guarantee safety, willing to give up this trip, also do not rush out, in order to avoid the situation.


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