In the eyes of many people, having twins is luck and blessing. Two born together, two brought together, once, how easy!

However, this is just a cognitive bias caused by “other people’s perspective”! If you understand the hardships and risks of having twins, I believe your ideas will change!

Let’s take a look at the real experience of some netizens’ mothers first——

@ tianqingse: some people say that pregnancy is like having a watermelon in your stomach. You’re afraid of bumps when you walk and pressure when you fall asleep. As for me, with two babies, it’s like carrying two “time bombs” with me! Because pregnant twins abortion rate, fetal malformation rate, chromosome abnormality rate, are higher than single! In general, the whole pregnancy are worried, do not want!

@ may: I’m pregnant, and I’m twins, so when I’m six months pregnant, my stomach is as big as that of a full-term singleton. Back acid, walking pant, let alone work, even life has become a problem, can only resign at home.

@ Xiao pudding: it’s not very hard to be pregnant with twins. That’s to say, the time of prenatal examination is twice as long as that of others, there are so many pregnancy marks on the belly, pubic pain in the third trimester of pregnancy leads to suspicions about life!

@ bamboo dragonfly: if it is said that taking care of one baby will make you exhausted, then taking care of two babies will make your fatigue index go up like a rocket. Every day there are endless diapers, endless milk, endless baby… If you two get sick together, ha ha, you really want to cry!

@ rock potato: my mother-in-law can’t take care of me by herself, so I have to resign and bring my baby with me. The baby’s food, clothing and use are double. The family can only rely on her husband to support her. Every day, she calls for Alexander, the former king of Scotland!!!


It can be seen that the risks, difficulties and pressures faced by twin mothers are much higher than those faced by single mothers. Specifically, it includes——

1. Maternal health risk

According to research, mothers with twins are more likely to have various pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, anemia, polyhydramnios, premature rupture of membranes, placental abruption, abortion and premature delivery.

During the whole pregnancy, expectant mothers need to strengthen prenatal examination and pay attention to their health status at any time. In case of any abnormality, ask the doctor for help as soon as possible.

2. Complications during delivery

After delivery, twin mothers are more likely to have postpartum complications such as uterine inertia, postpartum hemorrhage, puerperal infection, amniotic fluid embolism, etc. they need to take good care of them under the guidance of doctors and do a good job in postpartum examination.

3. Fetal health risk

In addition to the mother to be, the health risks of twin babies also increase a lot, such as umbilical cord abnormalities, malformations, twin transfusion syndrome, selective fetal growth restriction, one child heartless malformation, anemia and multiple blood mass syndrome, etc.

In order to ensure the healthy development of both babies, expectant mothers must pay attention to pregnancy examination, and scientifically arrange diet, activities and sleep during pregnancy to keep in good condition under the advice of doctors.

If you say, giving birth to a baby is like going to hell. So, two kids at a time is equivalent to walking deeper into the gate of hell, and then running back with all your life.

But it is undeniable that the happiness that twins bring to the family can not be described in words. Having twins is a beautiful and challenging adventure. Wish all twin mothers and babies in the world happy, healthy and warm every day~


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