The process of giving birth to a new life is a joyful, happy and painstaking process. Behind it are the great contributions and sacrifices of the mother. Can’t eat, can’t sleep well, there are also very annoying stretch marks, full of belly, arms, thighs, armpits, and even chest, very ugly.

In fact, pregnant women long stretch line is a normal physiological phenomenon. The fetus will grow up slowly in the mother’s body, and will gradually enlarge the abdomen of the pregnant woman, making the abdominal skin thin and thin. If the skin is too dry and lacks elasticity, it will cause damage or fracture of the elastic fiber and collagen fiber of the skin, resulting in some pink or purplish red wavy stretch marks.

Can be ugly just, but also accompanied by waves of itching, so that mothers are very painful. But don’t scratch. Because the more scratched, the more itchy, and may cause cross infection due to skin damage, serious or even scar. This tickle also can’t scratch, can’t bear again, how should pruritus of gestational grain do after all?

In order to alleviate this kind of symptom, we can take measures such as diet care, skin care and external medicine to take scientific care.

· diet

It is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement rich vitamins and minerals, and to take more protein and collagen rich foods to help increase skin elasticity. Eat less too oily, too sweet and too salty food, and strictly control weight, avoid overeating and excessive weight growth.

· skin care

In order to promote the local blood circulation of skin, increase the elasticity of skin and relieve the itching symptoms, the method of alternating hot and cold water is used for washing. Remember not to use overheated water, otherwise it will damage the sebum membrane, causing minor damage to the skin, but aggravating pruritus. Too cold is not good, it will cause a cold. And the use of weak acid non irritating natural cleaning and protection products.

From the beginning of pregnancy, we should insist on using moisturizing and non greasy skin care products sooner or later, such as natural olive oil, aloe cream and other products. Apply evenly and massage properly until the product is absorbed by the skin. Keep the skin moist enough to enhance the skin’s ductility and toughness and prevent itching.

· with the help of external drugs

If the pruritus of stria gravidarum is serious and can not be improved by using the above methods, then you need to seek the help of a doctor to eliminate the pruritus caused by the disease. The doctor will also give you the local anti pruritus ointment, such as calamine, paeonol ointment or vitamin E soft cream.


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