I’ve heard many girls complain that their skin gets worse after pregnancy than before!

Many pregnant mothers will have dry skin, dark, acne or pigmentation, freckles and other problems after pregnancy. These problems are troubling pregnant mothers.

In fact, most pregnant women’s skin state will change after pregnancy, mainly because of the influence of progesterone changes in pregnant women’s body. In addition, pregnant women’s diet and work and rest during pregnancy are not as good as before. Poor sleep will also lead to poor skin state, and a series of skin problems will follow.

However, pregnant mothers don’t have to be too nervous. These skin problems only need to be well cared during pregnancy. After childbirth, the hormones in the body will return to normal state, and the skin will begin to return to the state before pregnancy. Now, let me popularize science for you, how to take good care of our skin during pregnancy:

1. Solve the problem of dermatitis

Pregnancy skin oil secretion will be more exuberant, skin water and oil imbalance is a common thing, such a state of skin easy to breed acne, rash and other dermatitis. So pregnant mother usually skin cleaning must be in place, can be suitable for pregnant women fresh facial cleanser, after cleaning the face appropriate water, if there are acne or red rash, it is recommended to go to the hospital to find a doctor to prescribe suitable ointment for pregnant women to smear.

2. Solve the problem of dry skin

Although the problem of dry skin not only pregnant mothers will encounter, but some pregnant mothers in pregnancy dry skin problem will be more serious. This is related to the change of progesterone in the body. What we should do is to select some pregnant women’s moisturizing lotion to use, or add some special nursing measures such as applying the replenishing mask. If a mother has itching, red spots and other symptoms due to dry skin, it is recommended to see a doctor and ask the doctor to prescribe a suitable ointment for you. In addition, we should pay attention to drinking more water in our daily life.

3. Solve the problem of melanin

The most obvious phenomenon of skin melanin during pregnancy is long spots. Because if you have freckles before pregnancy, it may become more serious because of hormone problems during pregnancy. Ultraviolet rays can also cause melanin to deepen, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to sun protection measures during pregnancy. In addition, studies have shown that taking more vitamin C can prevent melanin, so pregnant mothers usually pay more attention to eating more fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in vitamin C.

However, the skin problems during pregnancy are only temporary. As long as the pregnant mother takes good care in time, the skin problems will gradually return to normal after delivery. In fact, the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much. She is the most beautiful mother. You can wait and welcome the baby happily.


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