Our young girl Chen Yihan has been pregnant for 8 months!

Looking at her daily swimming, yoga, jigsaw puzzle, handstand and so on, she doesn’t look like an ordinary pregnant woman

On January 8, Jia Jingwen took a photo of Chen Yihan in the same frame and said, “I came to NTC with two hot mothers who are about to give birth. Their condition is so good that I admire them! Especially Chen Yihan, you It’s too unscientific. Where does the stomach hide? “

Generally, a woman’s pregnancy is a top priority in her life. She is worried and cautious, but when she comes to Chen Yihan, it’s like running a family.

We all know that Chen Yihan was still running when she was only a few months pregnant. After seven or eight months, she not only kept running, but also climbed mountains for four hours.

Other people feel very painful when they are pregnant, but Chen Yihan has never complained about it. What should he do every day? He is happy and praises his son’s cooperation!

Chen Yihan is not only surprised that she is pregnant and running, but also other pregnant mothers are big bellied, but she can hardly see that she is pregnant here!

And they were pregnant for five months and running, which became a big news!

On September 22, 2018, Chen Yihan posted a photo of her running 5.55km on her micro blog, and because she wore a red coat to go out, she felt “very fashionable”!

This micro blog immediately triggered a heated discussion, which worried many of her friends and fans, and of course got the support of many people.

The pace of 6 minutes and 44 seconds is not slow for a pregnant woman who is five months pregnant! She grinned happily as she ran.

Many fans pinched a cold sweat and left a message one after another: “is it really OK to run like this?”, “I’m so worried, I must take my time.” “protect my baby”

@ Yuyue Chunfeng: “whether you can exercise depends on everyone’s different situation. There is no unified judgment. Some people can, some people can’t. Don’t compare this kind of thing with others. It’s better to consult a doctor who knows his own situation. Some people are bouncing and their children are fine. Some people cough and their children fall off. “

@ Wayne is Xiaozheng, while Junde thinks, “great! As a nurse in obstetrics department, I sincerely believe that many puerperas are lack of exercise and feel that they can’t bend their waist. If you don’t exercise now, you will suffer later. Really, but we should not be able to bear the intensity of Dafa. We can choose to be more relaxed. “

So, everyone’s constitution is not the same, it will also lead to the reaction of pregnant mother is not the same.

Some mothers are pregnant for 6 months. When they see their own stomach, they are not as big as other pregnant mothers who are pregnant for 6 months. They worry about whether the baby is very small and whether it will be malnourished?

A small belly does not mean a small baby

In fact, if you want to know the size of the fetus, you need to refer to the B-ultrasound results to be more accurate. Doctors will judge the size of the baby according to the biparietal diameter, femur and pregnant mother’s abdominal circumference data in the B-ultrasound results. Most people can’t judge the size of the baby just by looking at the belly.

In reality, for example, a pregnant mother’s stomach looks like she is pregnant with twins, but when the baby is born, it only weighs more than 5 jin. Some pregnant mothers have small stomachs and give birth to a baby of 6.5 Jin, which is just the standard weight of the newborn.

The size of a pregnant mother’s stomach is determined by these factors

1. Body shape of pregnant mother

Fat and thin pregnant mother, abdominal fat accumulation is not the same. Fat pregnant mother, abdominal fat is more, the stomach looks bigger.

2. Amniotic fluid volume

If the pregnant mother’s amniotic fluid volume is more, the stomach will naturally be larger. On the contrary, if the amount of amniotic fluid pregnant mother is less, the stomach will naturally be smaller.

3. Pelvic size

If a pregnant mother’s pelvis is narrow, her stomach will protrude forward and look larger. If the pelvis is wide, the belly doesn’t look big.

4. Uterine position

The pregnant mother on the front wall of the uterus, usually called qianhuai, seems to have a large stomach. The pregnant mother on the back wall of the uterus is usually called houhuai, and looks like her stomach is relatively small.

5. Number of pregnancies

Because when the first pregnancy, the abdominal wall was pulled, the belly is relatively loose. Therefore, when a pregnant mother is pregnant with the second child, she will feel that her stomach is bigger than the first child.

6. Fetal size

It can’t be denied that there is a certain relationship between the size of the pregnant mother’s stomach and the size of the fetus, but we can also know from the above points that they are not necessarily related.

So, if the pregnant mother’s stomach is small, don’t worry. As long as the regular prenatal examination, the doctor said no problem, do not worry.

Pregnant mothers want the size of the fetus to be just right. If it is neither too heavy nor too light at birth, they should “keep their mouths shut” during pregnancy. They should neither diet nor overdo, so as to keep their weight within the normal growth range.

Generally speaking, the ideal rate of weight gain during pregnancy is as follows:

First trimester: 1-2kg increase

Second and third trimester: 0.3-0.5 kg / week increase (0.3 kg / week increase for obese pregnant women)

Whole pregnancy: 10-12kg (7-9kg for obese)

If not in this range, we should pay attention to adjust the diet.

After pregnancy, do you have a big stomach?

How much weight have you gained?

Mom, let’s leave a message~


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