There are some folk sayings about giving birth to boys and girls. For example, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers with boys will become ugly and have acne; pregnant mothers with girls will become ruddy and more beautiful.

Although these are just some folk sayings, they are easy to affect the hearts of pregnant mothers, especially those families who care about the sex of their babies. In fact, is the folk saying about having boys and girls reliable?

▍ pregnant boy with acne? Don’t believe it!

A large amount of estrogen and progesterone secreted by placental villi during pregnancy, as well as the increase of some androgens, will promote the growth of body hair and the increase of skin pores. However, acne in pregnancy is generally caused by two reasons: one is the imbalance of hormone secretion in the body; the other is that the skin belongs to oily skin, the sebaceous glands are too developed, and the sebum secretion is too strong. If the pores are blocked or the oil discharge is not smooth, the sebum accumulates in the pores, forming acne.

Birth of boys and girls, from the sperm and egg combination of the moment, has been decided. The ugly or acne after pregnancy is related to the hormone level during pregnancy. It can’t be used to judge whether to give birth to a man or a woman. Pregnant moms should not easily believe rumors and do a good job in daily care.

▍ how to protect skin during pregnancy? Do basic skin care work well!

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s skin becomes more sensitive and fragile, and skin care is more needed at this time. Some pregnant moms think it’s not suitable to use skin care products after pregnancy, so they don’t protect skin and make skin worse. So, how to protect skin during pregnancy?

First, choose suitable skin care products for pregnant women. The products for pregnant women are usually mild and safe. Usually, you can choose the products with big brand, high reputation and good reputation. The price of the products may be higher, but you can feel relieved when using them.

Secondly, clean your face every day. Dust and bacteria in the air during the day will attach to the face and easily block the pores. At night, the sleeping skin will repair and secrete oil. Therefore, the facial cleanser will be used sooner or later to wash the face and keep the face clean.

Once again, moisturizing can not be less. Replenish and replenish the skin every day, apply proper amount of moisturizing water on the face, and pat gently to make the skin fully absorbed, so as to keep the skin tender.

Finally, do well in sunscreen. When the sun is hot, you must do a good job of sunscreen when you go out, otherwise you will easily get sunburn and sunburn. You should know that sunburn is not easy to deal with! If you are worried about the disadvantage of skin care products to the fetus, at least the sun hat and umbrella should be used!

The above is the most basic skin care work, even if it can not make your pregnancy significantly beautiful, but do a good job in skin care work, it will not make the pregnancy skin easily become bad, the beauty offline.

▍ if the internal fire is strong, acne will grow easily. Food therapy will help you!

Although the beginning of autumn has passed, the weather in many areas is still very hot. For example, in Guangdong, it will take a while to cool down! And when the weather is hot, pregnant Mommy is often more prone to internal fire, acne and so on. At this time, the method of dietotherapy has a certain effect from the internal conditioning! The following recipe is recommended for pregnant moms with internal fire.

[balsam pear and lean meat soup]

Materials: 200g lean meat, 1 balsam pear root, 2 pieces ginger, appropriate salt

Methods: wash the lean meat and cut it into small pieces; wash the balsam pear, cut open the seeds, remove the white gourd and cut into large pieces; take a casserole, add some water and put in the lean meat, balsam pear and ginger slices; boil it in high heat and change it to a small heat for about 1 hour; season with salt.

After all this talk, the rumor that pregnancy will turn ugly and give birth to a boy will not affect your mind any more, will it? Don’t believe rumors! Pregnant moms, don’t let these rumors without scientific basis affect your expectations for your baby. Remember, as long as your baby is healthy, it is more important than anything.


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