It is a happy thing for a family to have a baby. If it’s still twins, it’s even more exciting and rare.

But on August 27, Zhao Yangyang and her family, who had just had a caesarean section for several days, were no longer happy in the ward of Zhongcheng hospital in Zigong, Sichuan Province.

Zhao Yangyang and her family said that they could not figure out why she got only one woman after the operation because of her multiple birth tests and even the pre-operative results in three hospitals in Shanghai and Zigong, including Zigong Zhongcheng hospital. Although Zigong Zhongcheng hospital explained to them that they saw the wrong image during the examination, they said it was difficult to understand and suspected that “another baby was taken away”.

In response, Zigong Zhongcheng hospital issued a statement saying: it is true that only one child was born.

In the preoperative examination, the obstetrician thought that “single pregnancy is highly possible”, and the puerpera said that she would not accept it. She repeatedly stated that she had double live foetuses in the maternal and child health care hospital of Jiading District, Shanghai after conception. The obstetrician asked the radiologist to recheck again for the sake of prudence. In the course of repeated exploration, the imaging doctor found a round strong echo reflex in the left lower abdomen. Combined with Zhao Yangyang’s private prosecution and the examination report of Shanghai Jiading District Maternal and child health care hospital, he mistakenly thought that such round strong echo reflex was the fetal head, so the report was “intrauterine twin”.

At present, Zigong local police have accepted the report, and the health and family planning department is also investigating and handling the matter.

“Where on earth has the other baby gone?” It’s a mystery to be solved.

In fact, the same thing happened.

In 2015, six hours before delivery, Ms. Huang, a pregnant woman in Jieyang, Guangdong Province, had twins in the hospital, but doctors said that only one baby boy was born after caesarean section.

The hospital explained that the main reason is that the doctor’s clinical experience is insufficient and the judgment of image duplication is not accurate. During the examination process, the family members repeatedly emphasized that the ultrasound examination in the outside hospital for many times is twins. In addition, the ultrasound machine is portable beside the bed, and the imaging effect is not as good as that of desktop computer, which eventually leads to misdiagnosis.

It’s a surprise. It’s a question of who is responsible for the event itself. But from the perspective of knowledge, what Le Ma wants to tell you is that B ultrasound has limitations, and it’s not 100% accurate.

Ultrasound is a kind of energy in the form of sound wave. It is composed of a sensor, that is, a probe, which transmits sound waves to the body. Once these sound waves meet human tissues, they will reflect, just like the echo, and then the sensor will receive these reflected waves. Different human tissues receive different reflected waves. Through the instrument, these reflected waves can be analyzed and imaged on the display, so we can get The so-called ultrasound image.

Principle of B-ultrasound: send ultrasound to the uterus, the ultrasound will return to the fetus and get fuzzy fetal imaging.

As an entry-level image examination, the biggest limitation of B ultrasound is of course clarity.

This is affected by many factors, such as the thickness of abdominal fat, fetal position, amniotic fluid status, etc.

Therefore, the accuracy of B-ultrasonic examination is closely related to the imaging effect of fetus, the professional level and experience of B-ultrasonic examination doctors.

Therefore, generally speaking, doctors in hospital a will not refer to the ultrasound results of hospital B, and will require patients to have a new ultrasound in this hospital.

Of course, it is understandable that some people have a distrust of the inspection, but if they think that the inspection is useless, harmful and deceptive, and some backward areas even demonize the inspection superstitiously, it is a bit extreme.

The product inspection is not omnipotent, but the real product inspection is absolutely impossible. We should treat the product inspection rationally.

In most cases, it is the timely rain to save the baby and the pregnant mother in danger.

Some people say that the uncertainty of the examination is actually a gamble.

Because any examination is not 100% accurate, it is not necessarily 100% possible for adults to have an ultrasound examination if they are sick. Moreover, the fetus is so small in the mother’s womb. But now, with the development of science and technology, we can only rely on these, although it is not perfect.


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