Before pregnancy, cold drinks such as popsicles and ice cream are essential as soon as summer comes. After pregnancy, in the summer, in addition to fighting the hot weather, mothers to be will inevitably become more prone to dryness and heat because their body temperature will also increase due to pregnancy. Like me, expectant mothers are eager to eat an ice cream to cool down and relieve the summer heat.

However, the old people at home always tell you again and again that you can’t eat ice during pregnancy, which is bad for the fetus

Can’t you really eat any ice?

In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. As long as they control the amount of food, it won’t have a great impact on the baby! But pay attention to the following points!

1. Do not eat three noes products and supplement nutrition appropriately

Is the popsicle clean? When purchasing, pay attention to whether it is produced by regular manufacturers and whether it has passed the warranty period. Don’t accidentally eat your stomach and cause diarrhea. If the pregnant mother is worried about the lack of nutrition and hygiene, she can choose pregnant women’s milk powder suitable for her own taste and make some cold drinks appropriately. Only appropriate, milk powder or hot drink is better to absorb.

2. Control food intake

Pregnant mothers have sensitive Constitution during pregnancy. Don’t eat too much at a time if you like to eat again, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Of course, if the pregnant mother’s stomach is not very good, try not to eat cold drinks such as ice cream, or drink more warm water, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help digestion and absorption. At ordinary times, you should also pay more attention to rest and maintain good work and rest habits and sleep. The diet should not be too greasy.

3. Pay attention to fetal movement

The fetus is extremely sensitive to cold stimuli. When pregnant women drink cold water or eat popsicles to drink cold drinks, the fetus will sometimes be restless in the womb, and the fetal movement will become frequent. At this time, pregnant mothers should stop eating cold drinks to appease the fetus.

If you are already in the third trimester of pregnancy and have a large stomach, it is recommended to wear a supporting abdominal belt when you go out. In order to avoid fetal movement and inconvenient movement, it is safer and easier.

4. Gestational diabetes mothers are careful.

Popsicles contain high sugar content, excessive consumption of unrestrained, easy to increase maternal blood sugar, resulting in gestational diabetes. For pregnant mothers who have gestational diabetes, they should be at a distance from ice cream ice cream. At ordinary times, we should pay more attention to exercise and promote the metabolism of sugar in the body. Note that the exercise should not be too intense. It is better to wear comfortable and breathable.

In general, popsicles are very beneficial as long as they are clean, because the milk in popsicles contains protein, which can make the skin white and smooth if eaten moderately by mothers.


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