Recently, the editor heard the discussion topic from colleagues. Colleague Lulu said: “my cousin told me that she grew 2cm after she was pregnant! My cousin said that she finally changed from 158CM to 160cm, which made her happy! She also urged me to get pregnant and have a look My colleague group sister said, “no, I didn’t grow tall when I was pregnant with my son? I’m the same before and after pregnancy? Why haven’t I met this kind of good thing There are also those small skeleton interns younger sister, is also rubbing hands, in order to how long this 2 cm height, would like to get married and pregnant immediately!

“Sister Lin, did you find that you have grown taller after you were pregnant?” When I hear this from my colleagues, I’m also confused! Can I grow tall when I’m pregnant? Does the baby in the belly not only help me fat, but also help me to be tall? The surprise came too fast. I have to figure it out first.

Did you make it? There are examples of height growth after pregnancy!

The growth of height depends on whether the skeletal structure of the human body is closed. Generally speaking, the female’s skeleton line will close around the age of 20, and the human body will stop growing as soon as the skeleton line is closed. Of course, there are individual examples. If it happens that the skeleton line of a pregnant mother is not closed when she is pregnant. During pregnancy, under the influence of hormones and various kinds of adequate nutrition, then the pregnant mother will develop twice, and the growth of her height will no longer be a dream. Of course, the probability of such a collision is still relatively small.

The older generation has a saying that when a woman gives birth to her first three children, she will grow tall. The reason for this statement is that they were not well-off in their early years. Many girls did not have enough nutrition when they were growing up. At that time, they usually married and had children early. There were many women who got married at the age of 16 or 17, so women became pregnant very early. At that time, nutritional supplements were also met by pregnancy and puerperium. Young, many people’s skeletal line is not closed, coupled with the nutritional supplement during pregnancy, naturally many women can grow long after pregnancy.

So, that doesn’t apply in modern times. Nowadays, girls’ nutrition intake is balanced and sufficient during their growth and development, and people generally marry and have children late. Therefore, there are relatively few cases of growing tall after pregnancy. Of course, some individual cases are not excluded. If you really want to see if you can grow tall, the editor suggests that you can go to the hospital to check if your bone line is closed. If not, then you should seize this rare moment to increase your height!

Most of the height after pregnancy is false!

Why do some pregnant mothers find that they grow taller during pregnancy? In fact, this is the illusion that pregnancy brings to pregnant mothers. This height is not real.

In our daily life, we can see the walking posture of pregnant mother after pregnancy. With the growth of the fetus, the pregnant mother’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger. In order to keep her body in balance, the pregnant mother always holds the stomach and leans back when she walks. Just like an editor, this is the only way to walk comfortably after pregnancy. Such walking, it is natural to stretch the spine, so that the spine bent down before pregnancy straightened, naturally give Bao Ma the illusion that pregnancy makes pregnant mother grow tall.

In fact, as we usually measure height, the height measured by getting up is always a little more than that measured at night. This is because after a night of lying flat, our spine has been relaxed and straightened, so we can find a little more height in the morning, but after standing up in the daytime, our spine will bend a little more, so the height will return to normal.

So after giving birth to a baby, if Baoma’s sitting posture or walking posture are still the same as before pregnancy, the 2cm long pregnancy period is estimated to be returned. Of course, if the mothers can keep upright, keep their heads up and their chests straight after giving birth, they will naturally be in a “long and tall” state!

No matter whether you can grow tall after pregnancy, as long as the fetus is healthy and the pregnant mother is healthy, that is the best state! There is no need to pursue excessively for the height of 2cm.


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