When a friend’s side dish is pregnant, she begins to pay attention to various dietary supplements during pregnancy. In addition to fresh vegetables, fruits, calcium tablets and vitamins, pregnant women’s milk powder is also filled with cans after cans. She drinks 2 cups per day according to the reference amount. After eating one can, the side dish finds that her skin has improved. However, her weight is also rising slowly, which makes her afraid to eat like this again. The original milk powder is getting fat!

▎ does eating pregnant women’s milk powder really make you fat?

Not necessarily! It should be analyzed according to the specific situation.

After pregnancy, the mother to be will gradually gain weight and usually not get fat in the early stage. The weight surge period is in the late pregnancy or the second trimester of pregnancy. It depends on your physique, and there is no direct causal relationship with drinking pregnant women’s milk powder and getting fat.

However, if pregnancy itself belongs to a fat prone constitution, and the appetite becomes better during pregnancy, it is also possible to get fat. Because the nutrition of pregnant women’s milk powder is very rich. If you eat too much and don’t exercise, the probability of getting fat will increase. If you drink pregnant women’s milk powder scientifically and reasonably on the premise of reasonable diet, pregnant women’s milk powder will not have a bad impact on pregnant women.

▎ what is the real culprit of gaining weight during pregnancy?

Why do some people get pregnant and only have a long fetus without meat, while some people grow into fat pregnant mothers? What is the reason for growing fat during pregnancy?

1. Fat prone constitution

Everyone’s physique is different. Even if some people eat a lot, they don’t grow meat and only have a baby, while some people eat more and get fat faster, but the baby is not born.

2. Overeating

Some people think that one person eats two tonics during pregnancy, so they open their appetite and eat tonics. They have a good appetite and sufficient nutrition, and there is basically no reaction during pregnancy. They are delicious, good to drink and sleep, and the fat comes naturally.

3. Lack of exercise

Some expectant mothers give up exercise after pregnancy because they are worried about the instability of the fetus. In addition to eating and sleeping, this is bound to lead to rapid weight growth and easy accumulation of fat over time. And some expectant mothers still keep a moderate amount of exercise under the advice of doctors, so they are naturally in good shape.

▎ how can pregnant women drink milk powder without getting fat?

Pregnant women’s milk powder is so nutritious. What skills do you have to drink pregnant milk powder? What kind of pregnant women’s milk powder should I choose and when should I start drinking it? How much do you drink every day?

   ☑ Choose low-fat milk powder: for pregnant mothers with severe vomiting, you can choose high-fat milk powder; For those who usually eat more fish and meat, it is recommended to choose low-fat milk powder to avoid excessive fat intake and causing overweight of pregnant women and fetuses.

   ☑ Drinking milk powder without sugar: many people think that pregnant women’s milk powder has no taste and is not good to drink, so they add a lot of sugar, but this will increase calories, which is easy to lead to excess calories, fat accumulation and obesity. It is recommended to drink milk powder without sugar.

   ☑ It is recommended to drink 2 cups a day: the amount of pregnant women’s milk powder of each milk powder brand is different. Expectant mothers can see the preparation instructions on the outer package. Generally speaking, most pregnant women are advised to drink 2 cups of milk powder a day. Expectant mothers can drink one cup every morning and evening according to this amount. If they forget to drink, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be too deliberate, and don’t think they are thin and drink too much.

☒ don’t drink too early: some pregnant mothers start drinking milk powder automatically when they are pregnant. In fact, they can start drinking milk powder in the second trimester of pregnancy. Because in the second trimester of pregnancy, the growth and development of the baby in the abdomen is further accelerated, and more and more nutrients are needed. At this time, you can start drinking.

☒ don’t drink too much in the third trimester of pregnancy: the peak period of fetal and baby development is 3 months before delivery. At this time, it is necessary to prevent the fetal oversize caused by excess nutrition. Within these 3 months, control the amount of maternal milk powder and make corresponding adjustments under the advice of doctors.


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