During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet, sleep, exercise and other factors will affect the development of the baby. Among them, the mood is also an important factor. It is almost common sense that a pregnant mother should maintain a good mood to help the healthy growth of her baby. But the mood is not as good as you think it is. Especially in the second trimester of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers no longer have pregnancy reaction such as vomiting, at this time, more should understand the common psychological problems at this stage, master some adjustment and decompression methods, enjoy pregnancy, help the healthy development of the baby.

Understand “excessive” mentality and deal with it correctly

One is to relax too much.

After the first trimester, the physical condition of the pregnant mother gradually stabilized. Tai Baobao’s “camp” in the womb, the morning sickness reaction is also gradually disappearing, pregnant mother’s appetite is better. It can be said that pregnant mothers can enjoy pregnancy. However, in the second trimester, we should not be too vigilant. As the baby grows up, the burden on the various systems of the pregnant mother will gradually increase, and various pathological conditions may occur during the second trimester of pregnancy. For example, calcium deficiency, pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, anemia and so on. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to regular physical examination, pay attention to physical changes.

Two, we should be overcautious.

Many pregnant mothers once become pregnant, become the focus of protection of the family. Especially in the early stage of pregnancy, we should pay special attention to housework. But in the second trimester of pregnancy, the situation of pregnant mothers basically stabilized, proper exercise is more conducive to their own health and the baby. If pregnant mothers still do not want to exercise, do not go out to communicate with people, easy to cause psychological depression, serious may also cause depression. Therefore, in the second trimester of pregnancy, the normal physical condition of pregnant mothers do not need to be too careful, usually can do some housework within their means, to avoid too “boring”. On weekends or at leisure, it’s good for relaxing your mood to invite friends or husband to go out for a walk.

The three is excessive fear.

This fear is, of course, the fear of childbirth. Delivery, after all, is a difficult thing, coupled with the understanding of most first-time pregnant mothers of childbirth, often from the description of film and television novels, it is mysterious and horrible ah. With the growth of the baby, the pregnant mother’s belly gradually bulging, will naturally produce some unease, or even fear of childbirth. Pregnant mothers can learn something about childbirth to clear up misunderstandings, and they can work with their families to prepare essential supplies for their unborn babies. All these can help pregnant mothers to establish good psychological expectations for childbirth.

Actively “reduce pressure” and maintain a good mood.

First, find a suitable way of sports.

It is common sense and the result of scientific research that scientific exercise makes people healthy and makes them happier. In the second trimester, pregnant women also need proper exercise. This is not only conducive to the healthy growth of Tai Baobao and himself, but also helps to relax. Common gestational exercises include walking, pregnant women yoga, gymnastics, swimming and so on, pregnant mothers can according to their actual situation, consult doctors and fitness coaches to find their own sports. Relax every day and keep your spirits up!

Two, learn to arrange daily life reasonably.

Pregnancy is a special period for pregnant mothers. Modern professional women are still working during pregnancy, and they should learn to arrange their daily life rationally. During work, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not sit or stand long, appropriate activities and rest, and maintain a good rest. After work and weekend leisure time, pregnant mothers should plan to go out for a walk or shopping with relatives and friends, or take a short trip, breathe fresh air and relax according to their physical condition.

Three, a reasonable arrangement of “happy diet”.

Pregnant mothers know that more attention should be paid to balanced diet during pregnancy, in fact, many things can also make pregnant mothers feel better! Bananas and grapefruit, for example, are “happy fruits.” Bananas are rich in tryptophan and vitamin B6, which help the brain produce serotonin, which reduces depression. At the same time, bananas contain an alkaloid and can help us to uplift our spirits and enhance our confidence. Grapefruit, which is rich in vitamin C, is an important ingredient in the production of dopamine. Dopamine, as we all know, affects the brain’s functioning, conveys happiness and makes people feel happier.


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