For a sister who loves to drink milk tea and “lives on milk tea”, after pregnancy, she will face a problem directly attacking the soul: can pregnant women drink milk tea?

The answer is: you can drink a little occasionally, but try to drink less.

Why? First of all, let’s explore the ingredients in milk tea. What are they?

Nowadays, the online black milk tea is not only “milk + tea”, but also has many partners: sugar, fat, caffeine and protein.

1. Protein

The protein content of milk tea is low, and some milk tea even contains no milk at all

Although we drink milk tea, it is not for milk.

But it has to be said that the results of a survey on milk tea are still too heartbreaking!

According to the results of 40 milk teas released by Fujian provincial and Fuzhou municipal consumer committees in November last year, the protein content of 29 milk teas was lower than the standard (0.5g/100g), and the non-compliance rate reached 72.5%.

What’s more surprising is that four milk teas failed to detect protein content, that is to say, there is no milk drop!

2. Caffeine

High caffeine content in milk tea, pregnant women drink too much, may increase the abortion rate

For pregnant women, in fact, it is necessary to pay special attention to the caffeine content in their diet!

That’s because, according to a U.S. study, pregnant women who consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day can double the miscarriage rate. Therefore, it is generally recommended that pregnant women’s daily intake of caffeine should not exceed 200 mg.

However, according to the survey results, the average caffeine content of a large cup of net black milk tea is 107 mg. Some milk tea, even a cup of more than 200mg, for pregnant women has been excessive.

3. Fat and sugar

Milk tea is a high sugar and high fat drink. It is not conducive to weight control for pregnant women

According to the test results, the sugar content of 20 kinds of milk tea with normal sweetness is between 21-48g, with an average of 35g / cup, which is about 8 pieces of 4.5g of sugar.

And the so-called “sugar free” milk tea is not really sugar free. Among the 20 milk teas that claimed no sugar, 14 of them contained sugar, which was 1.1-5.8g/100g, equivalent to 1.5-7 pieces of sugar.

As for the fat content, the average content of a large cup of milk tea is 19.57g, which is about one third of the total fat intake recommended by pregnant women every day.

And some milk tea with high fat content, even up to 40.63g, that is to say, drink a cup of milk tea, the fat content of two meals, eat in.

In addition, also need to remind is that those who increase the taste and flavor of milk tea, very good to drink milk cap, in fact, the fat content is very high!!!

You see, a cup of milk tea contains so much sugar and fat. If a pregnant mother drinks too much, it is not conducive to weight control. However, too much weight gain of pregnant mothers is not good for themselves and their babies, which may increase the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus and macrosomia, which is not conducive to natural labor.

It’s not very important to drink milk tea occasionally!

What to do? Then restrain yourself and drink a little occasionally to satisfy your craving, but try to drink less. Pregnant mothers, remember not to drink too much~


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