It’s more than half of the National Day holiday. Looking at all kinds of travel and party photos of girlfriends and colleagues in the circle of friends, are pregnant mothers envious of being pregnant and inconvenient to travel? Do you want to wave?

With the increase of gestational age, pregnant mother’s physical burden is increasing, and there is no chance to relax. Pregnant mothers who have to go to work also bear the dual pressure of work and pregnancy.

The National Day holiday is a rare opportunity to relax. Although there are only a few days left, you might as well take advantage of these days to have a short trip with your husband. It can not only relax, broaden your horizons, but also enhance the feelings of husband and wife. It is also a good prenatal education for your baby.

   ♦ Best time for pregnant mother to travel

In the early pregnancy, affected by the reaction of early pregnancy, the pregnant mother is physically tired, prone to vomiting, and physically and mentally tired when traveling; in the late pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger, which makes her mobility inconvenient and increases the travel risk. Therefore, it is recommended to travel in the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. The situation of Taibao is relatively stable, and the pregnant mother is not so tired.

   ♦ Precautions for travel during pregnancy

Because of Taibao, the pregnant mother has been labeled with a special label, and the family is not willing to let the pregnant mother go out for fear of accidents. But the opportunity to travel is rare. In order to persuade the family to have a good time, it is necessary for the pregnant mother to prepare for the four aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

1. Clothing

It’s best to wear loose, comfortable and convenient clothes during pregnancy. Sportswear with sports shoes is worthy of the best clothing. Of course, beautiful pregnant mothers can also choose beautiful skirts. The pregnant mother’s good mood is the selection criteria. Besides, don’t forget to bring enough laundry. If a pregnant mother is worried about having a big stomach and getting tired easily, she can take a belt and elastic socks to relieve discomfort to a certain extent.

2. Food

Pregnant mothers often feel hungry, enough food can ensure adequate energy and nutrition, but also can make up for the food on the way because the taste is not good enough to eat. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the food that pregnant mothers like in advance.

3. Living

Pregnant mothers should have enough rest time when they travel. Pregnant mother in the journey to take a shower, not a bath, bath time is not too long. In addition, whether the weather at the destination is still hot or cool, it is necessary to prepare sunscreen products, including hats, sunscreen oil and lotion.

4. Yes

Travel outside, pregnant mother inevitably need to take a car, in order to reduce the discomfort brought by the car, it is suggested that pregnant mother take the car will be slightly forward waist, the body leaning on the seat back, can also put the back between the upper back and buttocks, in order to reduce back pain; get up every hour for 10 minutes, do stretching activities.

When traveling by car, it is not suitable to take long-distance buses with large bumps; when traveling by car, you must find a good location for the toilet to avoid choking urine. Pregnant mothers can also take a pillow to protect their necks. They can take a nap when they travel or take a bus to raise their spirits.

We should also pay attention to avoid mountain climbing, long-distance walking and other activities that require high physical strength on the way to travel, and avoid too exciting or high-risk game activities. Only when pregnant mothers are fully prepared for travel, can they play more freely.


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