At the end of the year, they are busy competing for achievements. It’s rare to have a long holiday. Of course, we should seize the time to have a rest or take a short trip to relax. However, for some pregnant mothers, traveling seems to be a rather extravagant thing. They can only brush the photos of everyone’s outing in the circle of friends and microblog every day.

In fact, you don’t need to stay at home all day during pregnancy. You can change your mood and be happy when you go out. It’s good for pregnant mother and baby. However, the premise is that you must be ready to travel.

1. Travel location selection

Every holiday, the phenomenon of “people following the crowd” has never been absent, and the tourism experience has plummeted. Moreover, a major focus of the new year’s Day holiday is to cross the new year’s Eve. The new year’s Eve parties in various scenic spots and places are overcrowded, so it is not recommended that pregnant mothers go to the party.

It’s special enough to celebrate the new year together with Taibao. There’s no need to huddle together for a bit of ceremony. If you want to have a sense of ceremony and safety, you should go to some natural scenic spots, resorts, suburbs, parks and other places with your husband. The schedule should not be too tight, relaxed and comfortable.

2. Travel time selection

The most suitable time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester. The fetus is not stable in the early pregnancy, so you may encounter some accidents on the way, which is difficult to deal with in time; in the late pregnancy, you may encounter premature rupture of amniotic fluid and other situations, so it is not recommended to travel. For the sake of safety, you can consult a doctor in advance.

3. Transportation choice

Small long vacation travel, self driving tour will be more comfortable. If you want to travel for a long distance, you can choose a stable, comfortable and safe means of transportation such as airplanes and trains.

However, it should be noted that pregnant mothers should know the airline’s restrictions on gestational weeks in advance, so as not to make a good plan. When they arrived at the boarding stage, they were told that they could not take the bus, which led to the collapse of the travel plan.

4. Dress selection

Because of the fierce cold air, this new year’s Day holiday is bound to be spent in the cold. At this time, you should pay more attention to keeping warm. You should prepare comfortable and concise styles for clothes, shoes and hats. It is recommended to choose clothes that are easy to wear and take off. Clothes with good thermal insulation should be prevented from catching cold.

Prepare loose and comfortable clothes, shoes and socks. In terms of shoes, choose comfortable, anti-skid low-heeled sports shoes, which can effectively reduce foot fatigue and swelling, and it is not recommended to wear tight socks.

To remind you, pregnant mothers can take some warm baby for a trip. Warm baby can be used as a convenient and small hand warming treasure to warm the frozen hands quickly. But remember, warming the baby is definitely not for a pregnant mother to stick on her body!!

5. Food preparation

You can try local food when you are out. Don’t forget to eat more fruits to prevent dehydration and constipation. You must bring a mug in winter. When the whole body is cold, drink a mouthful of hot water, warm from the stomach quickly spread to the limbs and trunk, driving away the cold.

In addition, in the second trimester of pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant mothers will become better, and they will easily feel hungry on the way to travel. So you can prepare snacks in advance, such as whole wheat bread, biscuits, nuts and fruits.

If you are sure to travel, it is recommended that pregnant mothers bring prenatal examination cards, health cards and other items in case of emergency.

If pregnant mothers travel during pregnancy, it is recommended to choose leisure places and reduce the travel of walking and climbing. Hotel holiday is also good, not only can let the body tired get relaxed, but also can enjoy the pleasure of traveling. Have a good holiday~


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