Pregnant, in addition to the bulging belly, the body is also quietly changing. Some people are more curious about the pregnant mother and always like to ask about it. As a result, they like to touch the privacy of the pregnant mother, so that the pregnant mother doesn’t know whether to answer.

The following things, even relatives and friends, should not be easy to do, respect the privacy of pregnant mother oh.

Privacy 1: want to see the stretch marks

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Become pregnant mother, the figure has changed, the skin has changed, what’s more hateful is to grow ugly pregnancy lines, this is called pregnant mother how to accept! Fortunately, stretch marks are not exposed after all, can be tolerated! Nitrogen, some people will be out of curiosity, as soon as asked, long lines? Shall I have a look? No, no, no, No It’s natural for women to love beauty. It’s really impossible to show you the pregnancy marks of ugly crying. This is privacy, OK? It’s too bad for the image!

[my advice]

Say No: Oh, are you sure you want to see it? It’s ugly and ugly. I can’t bear to look directly at you. I’d better not scare you.

2. Change the subject: after the other party asks, you say, “Why are you so curious?” If the other party continues to say something, you should make peace for a while, and then suddenly change the topic: “by the way, there is a XXX ~” as long as the other party is a person of interest, he will be embarrassed to continue to ask.

Privacy 2: probing into sex during pregnancy

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After pregnancy, many expectant mothers, for the sake of the safety of the baby, have to abstain, temporarily aggrieve the big baby, and then make up the “homework” after giving birth to the baby. Some people can be more curious, even met the mother to be herself began to ask this privacy question.

I’ve met my friend’s dishes. Vegetables are seven months pregnant, usually nothing will go downstairs after dinner. Once I met my mother in the same building and said hello to her. As a result, she looked at her belly and said, “I heard that you can love during pregnancy. Do you usually have it? What’s the frequency? What position? Do you have dett? How do you feel? ” My friend’s face was black and I didn’t know how to answer.

[my advice]

1. If you don’t know each other very well, the pregnant mother can ask her, “ha ha ha, how are you?” In this way, you can skillfully throw the question to the other party, let her answer first, and then you will make a fool of yourself according to her answer.

2. If the other party says, I haven’t been pregnant yet, I don’t know. Then you smile and say, “well, this will be known after you are pregnant. After all, everyone’s situation is different, and my situation has no reference value to you.”

Privacy 3: want to touch the belly

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The belly of a pregnant mother is often the object of entertainment. Round, long, sharp For each shape, it seems that we can use the old experience to help you infer the birth of boys and girls. Some people still like to touch, but also to see if the baby has kicked.

However, as a pregnant mother, she really hates the behavior of touching her stomach. After all, it’s very dangerous, isn’t it? But others are not out of malice, and even some are just to express their concern. If the pregnant mother throws her face directly, it will be bad.

[my advice]

1. If a pregnant mother is particularly averse to other people touching her stomach and can’t refuse directly because of her face, she can find an excuse to switch off the topic, or excuse herself to say what she is going to do, and then she can move away to avoid it.

2. Kindly say: “baby is sleeping, don’t disturb TA! Wait until he wakes up to touch him. Those who know what to do will no longer ask for it. “


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