Everyone wants to have a fat angel baby. From the moment they know they are pregnant, expectant mothers have done all kinds of work, studied all kinds of recipes and methods, and hope to give birth to a white baby.

Some pregnant mothers begin to reject all dark things, such as soy sauce, and worry about their baby’s dark skin. It sounds reasonable, but is it true? Is this really true?

Today, I’ll pick up the truth behind eating soy sauce during pregnancy. Will the baby really be black after eating more soy sauce during pregnancy? What is the truth? If you want to develop your baby’s good skin, what should you do during pregnancy? Let’s have a look.

▎ what determines the skin color of the human body?

The color of Taibao’s skin is mainly affected by heredity, hormones and acquired bad environment.

① genetic factors

Generally, the parents we see are whiter and the children are whiter, which benefits from strong genes. Conversely, parents with darker skin are more likely to give birth to babies with darker skin.

② how much melanin

The color of human skin is mainly determined by melanin. If there is more melanin, the skin will be relatively black. On the contrary, if there is less melanin, it will be whiter.

③ impact on living environment

In addition to genetic factors, skin is also closely related to the acquired living environment. For example, people living near the seaside in the tropics have a darker complexion.

▎ serious Science Popularization: do babies who love soy sauce during pregnancy get black?

It doesn’t exist! Eating soy sauce during pregnancy really won’t turn black! It won’t turn black! It won’t turn black!

▲ black pigment ≠ melanin

Many people think that soy sauce is black because it contains a lot of melanin, and the baby will turn black after eating too much. On the contrary, tofu and milk are white. If you eat too much, your baby will turn white.

In fact, there are misunderstandings here. Melanin ≠ melanin! The pigment in soy sauce will not be absorbed by the human body, let alone the placenta, and the ingredients of soy sauce will not increase the light sensitive function of the skin or synthesize hormones. Therefore, eating soy sauce will not darken the skin color of Taibao at all.

▲ containing tyrosine ≠ skin blackening

The formation of melanin is based on tyrosine, which is contained in soy sauce. Therefore, it produces the illusion that eating soy sauce will affect Taibao’s skin color. But did you make it? Tyrosine cannot directly synthesize melanin. In the middle, N chemical reactions must be carried out before melanin can be formed. In addition, tyrosine exists not only in soy sauce, but also in many ordinary foods, such as potatoes, milk and soybean milk, which contain much more tyrosine.

▎ so what is good for your baby’s skin during pregnancy?

① foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important nutrient to maintain skin and bone health. It can make Taibao skin more moist and not easy to dry.

Recommended food: carrot, sweet potato, egg yolk and animal liver

② foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important component to maintain collagen. Eating more foods rich in vitamin C during pregnancy can make the skin of the fetus more white and tender.

Recommended food: orange fruit, kiwi fruit, potato, etc

③ foods rich in Soybean Isoflavones

Soy isoflavones have antioxidant effects. Eating more during pregnancy is also great for the development of fetal baby’s skin.

Recommended food: soybeans, soymilk and other legumes

④ drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water! Drink plenty of water! Drink plenty of water! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during pregnancy. It not only helps the body expel toxins, but also makes the skin of mothers to be and babies delicate.

[broken thoughts]

After reading the above, I think the big stone in the hearts of expectant mothers who like to eat soy sauce has finally been put down, but it does not mean that they can eat more soy sauce during pregnancy. They should pay attention to eating in moderation, which is very good for their body and the healthy development of their baby!


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