Do you know, the fetus is not ignorant in his mother’s stomach. From six months on, he has been hearing, can hear Baba’s numb voice, can hear the beautiful music, can hear the loud thunder The baby likes to listen to the voice of his father, the relaxed and cheerful music, not the thrilling sound and the noise

▍ doubts of pregnant mother: can I watch movies when I’m pregnant?

@ Qiqi: seven months pregnant, I went to see a movie with my husband. I don’t know if it’s too noisy in the cinema, and the baby in my belly is always moving. Later, I heard that watching movies during pregnancy is not good for the baby, and I don’t know if it is true?

The 7-month-old fetus already has hearing, and the cinema is loud. If the pregnant mother watches a movie with tense plot, the fetus can also feel the mother’s tension. When she feels the changes of her mother’s mood and listens to the shocking sound effect, the fetus will inevitably become restless.

[I suggest]

Although pregnant mothers don’t have to stay away from the cinema completely, if they want to see a movie, they should choose the warm and romantic plot, and don’t let their emotions get too nervous or excited. When the weather is hot, the air conditioner in the cinema is generally turned on relatively cold. The pregnant mother should also prepare a small blanket or bring more clothes to avoid catching cold.

▍ do you know the four stages of fetal hearing development?

When Qiqi is 7 months pregnant, the baby can feel the sound of the cinema. Do you know when the baby has hearing? Embryological studies have shown that fetal hearing development can be generally divided into the following four stages:

The first stage (8 weeks): the fetal nervous system initially formed and the auditory nerve began to develop;

The second stage (24 weeks): fetal left and right cochlea morphology and auditory nerve differentiation were basically completed;

The third stage (15-20 weeks): the fetus begins to have hearing, but is not sensitive to external sounds;

The fourth stage (24-28 weeks): the fetus has been fully responsive to sound stimulation and expressed in four ways: fetal movement, fetal heart rate, changes of EEG recording and electric skin reflex.

From this, we can hear the baby’s voice from the outside.

▍ do you know what sounds the fetus likes to hear or not?

1. Fetal sounds

Father’s voice: the fetus likes a deep and generous voice, while the male voice is generally deep and thick, which is what the baby likes. The father to be takes time to have a dialogue with the baby every day and carry out language fetal education. This can not only cultivate the parent-child relationship, but also exercise the fetal hearing and memory, laying the foundation for the learning after tomorrow.

Relaxed and cheerful music: in the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s auditory organs have been fully developed. At this time, the baby can choose relaxed and cheerful music when listening to fetal education music. The pregnant mother can play music while humming, or gently pat rhythm on the belly to interact with the baby. It is said that listening to some music repeatedly for the fetus can also exercise memory. A pregnant mother may as well play the same music to her baby every day.

2. Sounds that the fetus does not like to hear:

Frightening and exciting sounds: for example, sudden screams, or sounds that make people feel terrible and nervous will make the body of the pregnant mother respond accordingly. The fetus can also hear these sounds, and at the same time can feel the changes of mother’s mood. If the mother’s mood is unstable, Baobao will also be affected!

All kinds of noise: the noise of electric drill, welding, construction site and so on. Even the fetus hidden in the mother’s stomach does not like it. Pregnant mothers should try to avoid listening to these noises.

In short, let the fetus listen to the voice he likes to hear more, and avoid the voice that he doesn’t like to hear!


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