The May Day holiday is coming, and my pregnant mother also wants to travel. Many people think that a mother’s trip on May Day is not wise, but in fact, only to do a good job of strategy, but also like other people can have fun, let alone worry about the impact of fetal problems. Food and clothing are all Get.

OK, avoid the three months before and after pregnancy. It is better to choose an airplane train or a self driving car.

Pregnant mothers must first avoid the first three months and the second three months of pregnancy, that is, the second trimester of pregnancy (4-6 months) when fetal conditions are relatively stable. Make sure you can travel by air, train or family, and remember to fasten your seat belts and not ride on too bumpy vehicles such as motorcycles. Also get to know where the nearest bathroom is on the way, because pregnant mothers had better not hold their urine, walking process, it is best to take abdominal straps.

Two, eat – prepare pregnant women’s milk powder and vitamins.

At home or abroad, you must avoid eating raw or unclean food. Therefore, when traveling, it is best to carry some nutritional food with you, such as pregnant milk powder, vitamins and so on, to supplement the necessary nutrition.

Three, wear comfortable comfortable clothes need to pay attention to sunscreen and keep warm.

Pregnant women when traveling, it is best to wear sweat, breathable, loose clothes, the best choice is more conducive to activities of pants, even in hot weather do not forget to carry a thin long-sleeved jacket, in addition to sun protection, can also be put on when entering the air-conditioning room, to prevent the temperature difference is too large and cause discomfort.

Four, stay – try to stay in star rated hotels and avoid many small hotels.

Pregnant mothers should avoid islands or areas with inconvenient transportation, mosquitoes, poor hygiene areas are more inaccessible, epidemic areas should be avoided. It’s best to choose star hotels or Hotels with few people before going on a trip. It’s also best to prepare mosquito-proof items.

Five, other – light travel is prepared.

In addition to the above food and clothing lines, pregnant mothers should also have more items, such as safe medications prepared by the obstetrician according to your actual situation, or sunscreen products, which take up little space, but take care of the pregnant mothers on the trip, so that the holidays become more comfortable ~

The above is the Mother’s May Day travel strategy, from food, clothing and other aspects of the trip to take care of all aspects of the mother, want a comfortable holiday, is no longer a problem!


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