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Today, quaquack recommends “how to scientifically supplement iron during pregnancy”.

After pregnancy, people around you will remind you to supplement folic acid. But, you know, iron supplementation during pregnancy is also very important.

Iron is not only an important raw material to produce hemoglobin in human body, but also can promote development; it can also increase the resistance of human body to diseases; regulate tissue respiration, prevent fatigue; keep skin ruddy. If the expectant mother is short of iron, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia, fatigue, dizziness, poor resistance and other symptoms, which may also affect the fetus. In order to avoid this situation, we must pay attention to iron supplement during pregnancy.

In order to meet the needs of your own and your baby’s iron reserves, you can eat more iron rich foods. If the iron deficiency is serious, it is recommended to supplement iron under the guidance of your doctor.

When it comes to iron food, you may immediately think of red dates, but in fact, it’s not enough to rely on red dates for iron. Why? Quack, I’ll explain it to you.

In fact, iron rich foods, including animals and plants, are usually supplemented by animal foods, and their iron absorption rate is higher than that of plant foods. Among them, animal food, animal blood, liver and red meat are rich in iron. In plant food, black food such as agaric, black rice, black sesame, and dark green vegetables such as rape and spinach also contain iron, but the content is not too high and the absorption rate is relatively low.

Next, quack tells you a little secret, vitamin C is a good partner of iron, can promote the absorption of iron. So, when you eat iron food, you can match some fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as Kiwi fruit, orange, grapefruit, red persimmon pepper, tomato, etc. Usually when cooking, you can also stir fry beef and tomatoes together, which can promote the absorption of iron.

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In order to support the growth and development of the baby, the pregnant mother needs a lot of hematopoiesis. Once the nutrition is not balanced, iron deficiency anemia may occur. How to make up iron scientifically? Today, Guagua selects two questions and answers from Gao Yu, deputy director of Obstetrics, the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, about “iron supplement during pregnancy”. I hope it will be beneficial to you. For the detailed content of expert interview, please check the topic: meal matching, change from miaozhun mother to iron lady (click the preceding text to jump to the topic page)

Q: what do pregnant women eat for iron?

Dr. Gao Yu answers:

Pregnant women can supplement iron through two kinds of food, including animals and plants. Generally, animal food is mainly used for iron supplement, and the absorption rate will be higher. Animal food mainly includes red meat, especially pork, beef, animal liver, duck blood, chicken blood, animal kidney, etc., which are rich in iron. Secondly, eggs, especially yolks, are rich in iron. In addition, the effect of iron supplement like donkey hide gelatin is also very good. Donkey hide gelatin has concentrated iron in its skin, so donkey hide gelatin is also a good iron supplement food.

Plant food mainly uses black food to supplement iron. The common food is Auricularia, black rice, black sesame, etc. other vegetables, red dates, etc. also contain iron. The iron content in these foods is not too high, and the absorption is not enough. Some pregnant women do not like to eat meat, often eat red dates to supplement iron, in fact, it is not enough, even if a lot of consumption, it is not enough to meet the physical needs, so they need to eat animal food to supplement iron.

Q: what should pregnant women pay attention to in iron supplement?

Dr. Gao Yu answers:

Pregnant women should pay attention not to overdose iron. If it is a slight excessive iron supplement, it will be discharged with urine, secretion and sweat. If it is a persistent overdose, especially when sufficient dose of iron is given, it is indeed easy to deposit in the internal organs, such as the liver or other organ tissues, resulting in organ function damage.

When feeding iron to the expectant mother, we should first determine whether it is iron deficiency anemia. After a period of iron supplementation, we should not only observe the growth and change of ferritin, but also determine the dosage of iron supplementation through the degree of increase of ferritin. Of course, pregnant women don’t need to worry too much. Generally speaking, no matter the oral iron prescribed by obstetricians and gynaecologists or the composition of multi vitamin iron, it is relatively small, and it is an oral iron. In most cases, it is only not absorbed and discharged, which has little impact on pregnant women.


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