It’s almost six months since I was pregnant with the second child. I found that there is a big difference between the first and second child!

1. The second child is more tired than the first

One child, obviously feel a lot better physical strength, at that time also everywhere to play, quite able to walk.

Only once, because of standing too long, I found that hemorrhoids were bleeding after I went home, and I didn’t dare to walk around for too long.

Now the second child is obviously not as physically strong as the first child. I feel very tired, especially in the first three months. I want to go to bed at seven or eight o’clock in the evening. I’m so tired!

It’s better after four months, but if you do something a little bit, it’s easy for you to have backache and have a regular rest.

Little reminder from the past: do not stand and sit for a long time after pregnancy, and get up for activities after a while to reduce the probability of long hemorrhoids.

2. Two is more mature than one

At the time of one tire, because of inexperience, and because the tire had stopped before, I would feel nervous. Because of the overcrowding at work and the pressure of the company, I resigned early.

I didn’t go to work. I lost my sense of accomplishment, and I thought about things in my heart. In fact, I thought it was very bad. I regretted resigning at that time.

At the second child, the psychology naturally becomes more mature, and the mentality is relatively stable. I go to work as usual, and the birth examination is almost done by myself (it’s time for my father to review). I really admire myself for being so independent!

Little reminder from the past: after the sisters are pregnant, don’t resign rashly. Be sure to consider it clearly. If you really want to resign, try to deal with the medical insurance first!

3. In the second child, fetal education turns into telling Dabao a story

When one is pregnant, one will pay more attention to fetal education, often speaking to the stomach, singing and telling stories.

Now that you have a second child, you don’t pay so much attention to fetal education. After all, you have to go to work and tell stories to your baby, so there is no extra fetal education.

However, I think this is also very good. While telling stories to Dabao, I also let Dabao interact with ER Bao in his stomach, so that Dabao can feel fetal movement and feel very warm. I also hope that after Er Bao is born, the two babies can love each other~

Do you have the differences between the first child and the second child? Let’s talk in the comments section~


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