Married, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings… Well, there are a lot more gold and silver jewelry at once, aren’t they? Blingbling looks very dazzling. I want to wear it every day. I’m not willing to take it off even when I’m pregnant. Nitrogen, is it really good to wear jewelry during pregnancy? If you want to wear it, what should you pay attention to? This article will answer these questions for you.

   ▶ ▷ news cases

Miss Zheng had been wearing the ring given to her by her husband during her pregnancy. Unexpectedly, because of the swelling during pregnancy, when the child was about to give birth, she had to take off the ring because she could not wear any metal jewelry in the operating room, but at this time, the ring could not be taken off. Finally, the fire police had to be used to cut off the ring.

   ▶ ▷ serious popular science: why not wear jewelry when pregnant

Are you stunned after reading the news? In fact, jewelry is not recommended during pregnancy for several reasons——

◆ after pregnancy, with a series of changes in the body, the pregnant mother’s hands, feet, knuckles and other parts are prone to edema and poor blood circulation. At this time, if she wears some small rings, bracelets and other accessories, she will feel tight and painful. In the third trimester of pregnancy, if it is not removed in time, it is likely that it will not be taken out if it is tightened. This will not only aggravate the poor blood circulation, but also lead to serious consequences such as local skin damage and bones.

◆ the quality of metal jewelry varies. Some jewelry have uncertain texture or contain unclear components, such as minerals and impurities, which are likely to bring radiation, and harmful substances on the jewelry precipitate and enter the blood circulation through the skin, which may cause adverse effects on the mother and fetus and harm the health of pregnant mother and fetus.

◆ in hot summer, expectant mothers’ sweat will increase, and nickel and chromium contained in metal jewelry such as earrings, accessories and bracelets will dissolve in sweat, which is also easy to cause contact dermatitis and cause certain harm to themselves and their babies.

◆ some examinations and treatment during pregnancy may involve some parts of the body. If ornaments are worn on these parts, it may hinder the doctor’s operation. Especially during childbirth, the accessories worn by expectant mothers will affect the installation and use of medical equipment, increase the risk of bacterial pollution, and even the hidden danger of accidental injury to the baby.

In view of this, it is recommended that expectant mothers try to avoid wearing accessories during pregnancy, especially pregnant mothers who will have edema. It is not recommended to wear metal jewelry.

   ▶ ▷ correct opening method of scientific jewelry during pregnancy

Some people may say that it’s OK for me to wear it all the time during pregnancy. The baby is very healthy now. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you must not wear jewelry. If you want to wear jewelry, please pay attention to these details ↓

☒ avoid wearing some metal ornaments containing unclear ingredients or even harmful, and be careful not to have adverse effects on your baby.

   ☑ Jade is relatively natural and radiation-free. Pregnant mothers can wear it properly, but it is recommended to take it off after 37 weeks of pregnancy. Be careful not to take it off after edema.

   ☑ After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will get fat. When wearing, pregnant mothers should choose the size and tight jewelry, such as rings and bracelets, which should be taken off in advance.

   ☑ Before going to the hospital for delivery, remove all jewelry to avoid interfering with anesthesia and disinfection or causing custody disputes during delivery in the delivery room.


Everyone has a love of beauty. The beauty of women’s pregnancy is a kind of maternal beauty from the inside out, not the beauty of the decoration of these “vulgar things” such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Pregnant in October, for the sake of the baby’s health, the mother to be should be more cautious, eliminate all hidden factors for the baby, and put aside her favorite gold and silver jewelry for the time being.


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