It’s the golden week of May 1 again. The heart of travelling is starting to stir up again, isn’t it? Especially in the second trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mother friends, finally wait until a good time to go out to hey, when not to play?

Pregnant mothers travel, the need to bring items with great care. Besides some ordinary daily necessities, what else is worth preparing for? Here’s a summary of some of the things you need for a trip. Gestation mothers can have fun with GET and start a sweet and warm pregnancy trip.

– wear and wear items –

Necessary clothes: May Day is in the early summer season, some places day and night temperature difference is still very big, so according to the weather forecast to bring appropriate clothes, such as some cardigans and coats, to prevent sudden cooling.

Comfort Shoes: When traveling, your mother should prepare a pair of comfortable shoes. You can choose flat-soled shoes, sneakers and so on. They are both comfortable and safe, making your journey more comfortable.

– Food and drink –

Pregnant women’s milk powder: the mother-to-be’s usual nutrition, such as pregnant women’s milk powder, folic acid tablets, calcium tablets, etc., when traveling do not forget to bring Oh, if you can eat on time and on time the best.

Healthy snacks: Pregnant mothers often feel hungry and can take snacks such as nuts, dried fruits and snacks along the way according to their preferences. Delicious and healthy walnut kernel and pistachio fruit can both relieve hunger and supplement the nutrition required by pregnant mummy.

Water: Regular replenishment of water is also very important, the water outside is not necessarily clean, pregnant mothers can prepare their own safe and healthy drinking water.

– sun protection skin care –

Sun skin care products: to the May Day, outdoor is also relatively hot, to do a good job in sunscreen work. In order to reduce outbound luggage, you can bring Mini Travel suits. Pregnant Mommy should pay attention to choose mild, no stimulation sunscreen.

Umbrella / sunglasses: In addition to sunscreen products, you can also take umbrellas and sunglasses, do a good job of physical protection, two-pronged more effective.

– daily necessities –

Health products: during pregnancy, more attention should be paid to hygiene. When pregnant women travel, in addition to some daily necessities, a special thing for pregnancy, such as pads, paper towels, women’s shade wipes, disposable toilet mats, underwear and so on is also very necessary, in case of occasional need.

– Entertainment Entertainment –

Pregnant women’s books: when traveling to boredom, you can use some books to pass the time. Recommend to bring some knowledge of maternity books, one can kill boring time, two can also learn some maternity knowledge by the way, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Camera: The necessary cameras for traveling should also be taken. The expectant father can take some beautiful pregnant women’s photos for the expectant mother, which is very memorable.

– emergency items –

Drugs for emergencies: Before traveling, consult your doctor and bring along some common medicines for use during pregnancy to prevent symptoms such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Mosquito bites ointment: outdoor travel, mosquito bites. Therefore, take some insect-proof ointment or spray that pregnant women can safely use to avoid suffering from it.

Prenatal Check Manual: Bring along the maternity check-up manual, in case of emergency need to see a doctor, you can provide local doctors with prenatal check-up information for doctors to diagnose the disease.


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