The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the high temperature is very uncomfortable for ordinary people, not to mention the pregnant mother with the ball.

Summer for many pregnant mothers, it is like carrying a small stove, only a little movement on the sweat, sometimes even sitting sweat, not to mention the night when sweating, sticky body is very uncomfortable.

Why does a pregnant mother sweat easily?

In fact, sweating during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. Because maternal metabolism during pregnancy is more vigorous than before pregnancy, heat dissipation will also increase, and basic body temperature is higher than before pregnancy.

In order to get better nutrition for fetal treasure, pregnant mothers will eat more food, and the amount of fat and blood circulation will increase accordingly.

After pregnancy, the mother lacks exercise, and usually sweats easily when she is slightly active. As the pregnant belly gets bigger and bigger, the mother’s walking becomes more laborious and sweats more.

And, of course, the reason for the high temperature!

_What about sweating during pregnancy?

1. Multi-window ventilation

Don’t stay in a closed air-conditioned room for a long time. The room should be ventilated and windy, so that the expectant mother will feel much more comfortable herself.

Of course, it’s also important to use air conditioning skillfully, but to avoid turning the air-conditioner on too strongly, working mothers prepare a small shawl. If the pregnant mother wants to enter the air-conditioning room after sweating, it’s better to wipe the sweat off before entering.

2. Drink more water

Drink plenty of water to replenish lost water in summer, remember to wait until thirsty to drink water; eat fruits, you can supplement vitamins, but also to replenish the loss of potassium and sodium ions from sweat.

3. Choose loose clothes

Mothers-to-be are more metabolic than others, so they must choose clothes that are good for sweating. Long sleeves, wide-legged trousers and long skirts all add comfort.

4. Carry small articles

You can carry a small sprayer with water or bottled water. When you feel hot, you can spray it and cool it. You can also take a small electric fan with you. When you feel very hot, you can take it out at any time to alleviate it.

In addition to cooling, sunscreen is also important. Wear sunscreen, umbrella or sunscreen hat when you go out. Choose a hat that covers your neck to keep you cool.

5. Changing clothes and bathing frequently

The sweat gland secretion of pregnant mother’s skin increased, sweating more, when the day time is sufficient, you can use warm water to scrub, it is best to take a warm bath every day, change underwear, in order to keep the skin clean. But be careful not to take a shower after sweating.


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