It’s not easy for a family to have a deformed baby in October. In addition to the unavoidable genetic factors, improper behavior during pregnancy is one of the important factors leading to deformities in babies. What practices during pregnancy can effectively avoid deformities in babies?

1. Cooling down the fever and cold in time

Pregnant women have a fever and cold in the early pregnancy, because medication during pregnancy is cautious, pregnant women often have fever and cold medication is seldom used, the condition is difficult to control, and even high fever may occur. High fever in pregnant women may lead to deformity of the baby, so that even if the baby does not appear obvious deformity, its brain tissue development may also be affected, manifested as mental retardation and poor response. This injury is irreparable and pregnant women should not take it lightly.

Especially in early pregnancy (within 3 months of pregnancy), some female friends may not know that they are pregnant and take drugs arbitrarily. Instead of worrying constantly, it’s better to ask the doctor quickly, explain the situation clearly to the doctor, what medicine to take and how long to take it.

2. Pay attention to less makeup

Cosmetics contain arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxic substances, which attach to the face of pregnant women will affect the normal development of the abdominal fetus. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women not to wear heavy makeup during pregnancy to reduce the attachment and absorption of harmful cosmetics on their faces. It is really necessary to make up, pay attention to the use of special cosmetics for pregnant women, while reducing the number of cosmetics.

3. Less contact with pets

Nowadays, many families have pets. Bacterial cats are one of the infectious causes of fetal malformations, and their feces are the main way to spread malignant infectious diseases. If there are cats and dogs in the family, pregnant women should first foster the cats and dogs in another home, or pay attention to the hygiene of the cats and dogs, try to contact the cats and dogs as little as possible, and pay more attention to household mite removal.

4. Maintaining a pleasant mood during pregnancy

When pregnant women are controlled by endocrine system during pregnancy, their moods are changeable, so pregnant women themselves need to pay attention to regulation. Family members, especially husbands, need to pay more attention to the emotions of pregnant women, so as not to let the tension or depression of pregnant women last too long. If pregnant women are emotionally tense in the early pregnancy, adrenocortical hormones may hinder the fusion of embryonic tissues and easily cause fetal cleft lip or cleft palate and other malformations.

5. Avoid drinking and eating mouldy food

The diet of pregnant women during pregnancy should be especially careful. Do not drink alcohol, because alcohol can enter the developing embryo through the placenta, causing serious damage to the fetus, such as the very small head, the very small ear and nose, and the broad upper lip. At the same time, do not eat mouldy food, such as stinky tofu, because mycotoxin through placenta damage to the fetus, causing cell chromosome breakage in the fetus.

6. Pregnancy check-up

Pregnancy check-ups are designed to better ensure the normal development of the fetus, especially for professional women. During pregnancy, we must not neglect or miss the maternity check-ups because of busy work.

Acquired malformations can be prevented by pregnant women during or before pregnancy. Only by paying attention to and doing a good job of prevention, can the normal development of the fetus be helped and the baby be smarter after birth.


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