People often hear “life is movement” in life. Indeed, exercise plays a significant role in promoting metabolism and physical fitness. Women who often insist on sports have a good state of body and mental outlook.

But for some pregnant mothers, whether or not to exercise is a disturbing thing. Especially after some of the regular exercise-oriented eyebrows became pregnant and promoted to expectant mothers, they have been wondering whether they should “stick to the campaign to the end”?

In this regard, expectant mothers may get two very different answers: one is that pregnant mothers must rest quietly after pregnancy, exercise or wait for postpartum; the other is that pregnant mothers must exercise in order to maintain good physical fitness and prepare for childbirth.

In fact, no matter at any stage of life, exercise has some advantages for the human body. At this particular stage of pregnancy, whether or not to exercise and how to exercise, we all have to depend on the actual situation of the expectant mother during pregnancy.

In general, we do not advocate exercise for pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy. If there are signs of threatened abortion in the early pregnancy, we recommend that pregnant mothers still spend their pregnancy in a quiet way. Even if they want to exercise, they need to wait until the fetal condition stabilizes in the second trimester of pregnancy and carry out it under the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations. Some gentle exercises.

Exercise during pregnancy does have many benefits. It can not only promote the health of heart, bone and brain, relieve the symptoms of constipation, varicose veins, low back pain and fatigue during pregnancy, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, maintain the emotional health of pregnant women, and lay a good foundation for optimistic production. Other mothers-to-be with good physical fitness and pregnant condition can choose some suitable exercise for pregnant women under the guidance of professional staff after the stable period of pregnancy.

If mothers-to-be do not have health problems or other complications during pregnancy, they are advised to start exercising moderately during the second trimester. If they feel uncomfortable, they should not be forced to stop exercising. Walking, swimming and yoga are all good exercises for pregnant women with low difficulty intensity. Exercise for half an hour every day is not only good for the mother, but also good for the baby to beat her baby.


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