A few days ago, there was a second-born hemp in my ticket circle. I took several pregnant pictures. The family of four (including placentas) was very happy and enviable.

Of course, many people ask: how do you keep your figure? How did you do that with a smooth stomach? The second twin anesthesia also returned to: the first and second twins do not have long stretch marks oh, that is, late pregnancy will be a little edema, also not very fat!

This pregnancy state strength makes people envy and jealousy! Pregnancy is the biggest headache for mothers, in addition to constantly changing body shape, there are also a strip of pregnancy striae on the stomach.

Why, exactly, why do you have a stretch mark?

Gravid stretch is a kind of streak on the skin of a pregnant woman after five or six months of pregnancy. It usually appears on the abdomen. Individual pregnant women also grow on the hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts. After childbirth, these patterns on the skin will gradually disappear, leaving white or silver-white shiny scar lines. Stretch marks are a kind of atrophic striae, also known as expansion marks. The medical name is “skin expansion pattern”.

When a woman is pregnant for more than three months, the enlarged uterus protrudes from the pelvic cavity to the abdominal cavity, the fetus continues to grow, the abdomen continues to expand, the skin elastic fibers and abdominal muscles begin to stretch excessively, the gestational weeks increase, and many collagen fibers under the skin are finally “pulled off”. After 6 months of gestation, abdominal bulge is rapid. At this time, the elastic fibers of the skin gradually break, and the stretch marks become clearer.

Simply put, the pregnant woman’s abdomen enlarges rapidly in a short period of time, the belly is stretched, the skin elastic fibers can not contract normally, and the expansion speed of the subcutaneous supporting connective tissue exceeds the limit of skin extension. Thus, stretch marks were formed.

How should we prevent stretch marks?

Not every pregnant woman will have long stretch marks. There are many factors that determine long stretch marks, such as hormone effects, excessive weight gain, genetic factors and so on. To prevent stretch marks, you can do the following 4 points.

Control body weight

During pregnancy, do not think about the fetus need nutrition to eat blindly, without restraint, in addition to fetal growth too fast, causing the risk of macrosomia, weight growth too fast, will also have an impact on the production of stretch marks. Pregnant mothers, we should appropriately control the weight gain during pregnancy. Generally speaking, the overall increase in pregnancy should be within the range of 10 kg~15 kg.

Two. Proper exercise

Many stars recover quickly after childbirth, which is related to the necessary exercise during pregnancy. Regular exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming and walking, not only benefits the body, but also tightens the skin, reduces the occurrence of fat, and lessens the damage to the skin. When you are not convenient to exercise, you can also massage the abdominal skin and increase skin elasticity.

Three, healthy diet

Because collagen fibers are made up of protein, mothers can eat more protein-rich foods to avoid food with too much oil, sweetness and saltiness. During pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to balanced nutrition and eat more food rich in vitamin C and protein, which is good for the skin.

Four, olive oil maintenance

Prevention of stretch marks should be done before pregnancy. Before the skin cells and tissues have been stretched out, it is necessary to apply olive oil on the abdomen and chest, and stick to it. After a period of time, it will be found that the skin elasticity has a significant enhancement effect.

The growth of stretch marks is also a matter of individual physique, growth time and degree of growth. In order to have smooth skin before and after childbirth, it is necessary to prepare for it earlier. I wish your pregnant mothers would be able to stay away from stretch marks.


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