The living environment is not only related to the personal health of pregnant mothers, but also closely related to the health, growth and development of the fetus in vivo.

Imagine that if a pregnant mother lives in a comfortable place, she will be in a good mood, eat and sleep well, and her baby will grow well; on the contrary, if she is in a messy environment, her mother to be will be depressed and her mood will also affect the healthy development of her baby.

As a husband, please create a warm and comfortable living environment for the expectant mother during pregnancy, so that the mother-in-law is in a good mood, eat and live well. Please keep the following tips.

   80 Good hygiene

The health environment plays an important role in the health of expectant mothers. In addition to visible dust, the room should also be cleaned of invisible mites. Because mite secretions can cause allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergic dermatitis and other diseases, seriously endangering the health of expectant mothers and babies. We can use professional electrical appliances to remove mites. Bed sheets, sofas, carpets and plush toys are objects that need to be removed.

   80 Neat storage

As for storage, it’s better to break away from Dafa, find out the things that will always be put at the bottom of the box, and then throw them away. This method will not be used to economical mothers to be. But when you let go of it, you will gradually become addicted, and your home will change from messy to more orderly. In such an environment, you will be more comfortable and in a better mood.

   80 Suitable greening

The room puts afforested appropriately, can purify indoor air, still can make the mood is relaxed, improve sleep quality.

It is suggested to give priority to fresh room greening, such as green pineapple, Chlorophytum, ivy, orange flower, white crane taro and other plants. It is not suitable to use the style of red and purple, and do not place plants with strong fragrance, such as evening primrose, orchid, pine and cypress flowers, rose, etc., to prevent abnormal fetal movement.

   80 Harmonious color matching

The color matching in the home should be soft, fresh and elegant. For example, the color of the wall can be milky white, light blue, light green, etc. looking at the fresh and comfortable, people feel comfortable. The choice of furniture should choose calm, color should not be too much too miscellaneous, so as not to disturb the mood.

   80 Raise some small goldfish

You can’t keep pets during pregnancy, such as the lovely Wang Xingren and meow Xingren. However, some mothers to be especially fond of small animals. They might as well raise a few small goldfish, which will not affect the health of the mother to be and the safety of the fetus. They can also enjoy themselves and feel the beauty of vitality.

   80 There is plenty of sunshine

The room of the mother to be should be full of light and bright. The bedroom should be a place with good lighting and ventilation. The mother to be can be exposed to sunshine every day, which is conducive to the healthy development of the fetus and baby. In the dark and humid environment, expectant mothers are prone to arthritis, which is not conducive to the care of postpartum puerperal period and newborn.

   80 Comfortable temperature

It’s too hot in summer. The mother to be can turn on the air conditioner indoors, but don’t be too cold. It should be 27 ℃~ 28 ℃. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too big. The air humidity should be kept at 30% 40%. It is better to keep the room temperature above 16 ℃ in winter. In addition, pay attention to air circulation, often open windows for ventilation.

   80 Environment friendly furniture

Pregnant period had better not buy new furniture, beware of formaldehyde. If you want to buy new furniture, try to buy real wood furniture. In addition, a layer of sealant can be sprayed outside the furniture to prevent the emission of formaldehyde mist. Do not stay in the newly decorated house during pregnancy, because the formaldehyde in the new room needs a long time to volatilize.


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