@ Lili Mum: Six months pregnant, I often wake up in the middle of the night recently. Sometimes I wake up quietly and want to make love with my husband. My husband hugged me. I feel very excited, but my husband said abstinence for the sake of baby’s health. Hey, I can’t sleep well.

@ Mother Jiajia: Well, I don’t know how recently. I always dream of handsome guys. I often have indescribable scenes. I feel excited in my dreams. I still feel unexhausted when I wake up. I feel my stomach is hard and tight. I can clearly feel frequent fetal movements. What’s the matter? Will it affect the baby?

Pregnancy Spring Dream? You’re not alone!

Spring dream refers to the dream that expresses the human subconscious desire for sex. Some people jokingly call pregnancy the “dry season” of love. Previous people would suppress sexual desire by sleeping separately.

It’s normal for a pregnant mother to have sexual needs, so there’s no need to be ashamed to speak. If sexual desire is often imprisoned and not released, then shame dreams will occur at night.

According to incomplete statistics, 90% of expectant mothers had “spring dream” experience, 20% of expectant mothers had “spring dream” more frequently, and 50% of expectant mothers had more spring dream in the second trimester of pregnancy. By the third trimester of pregnancy, the number of spring dreams gradually decreased or even disappeared.

Why do you like to dream in spring during pregnancy? It’s related to hormones!

It’s not a bad thing that spring dreams are often accompanied. From a physiological point of view, the natural release of spring dreams can alleviate the accumulated sexual tension during pregnancy.

Increased hormone levels after pregnancy, increased blood flow to the reproductive tract and external genitals, and increased and sensitive breasts all increase the chances of mothers having spring dreams and reaching orgasm.

Pregnancy loves to dream in spring, is it harmful to the baby?

Many pregnant mothers feel stiff or even painful after their spring dreams, because the climax of spring dreams during pregnancy can easily stimulate uterine contraction, causing frequent fetal movements and abdominal pain.

At this time, the mother should not panic, turn over, breathe deeply, relax her whole body and gently touch her lower abdomen, which can be relieved in a short time. Short-term contractions have no effect on the fetus. You can put your mind right and enjoy the process. But if uterine contractions are frequent, accompanied by pain or redness, mothers should check to ensure the safety of the baby.

How to break the spring dream too often during pregnancy?

Fetal dreams are harmless during pregnancy, but some mothers feel distressed by frequent spring dreams, even affecting their normal sleep. So, what can we do to reduce spring dreams?

1. Don’t take it too seriously

There is nothing wrong with occasional spring dreams. Mothers-to-be don’t care too much. If they need to, they can satisfy this little desire by other means, such as hugging, holding hands and kissing.

2. Less shy play

Pregnant women have increased hormone levels during pregnancy and their sexual desire has greatly increased. They like to watch shy dramas secretly. But after watching, the pregnant woman’s sexual desire is stronger. If the pregnant woman restrains her sexual desire, the spring dream will increase.

3. Moderate Sexual Life

Focus! Pregnancy is sexual. However, in the pregnant mother’s physical conditions permit, such as no placenta previa, threatened premature birth and so on. In addition, we should pay attention to posture, not oppression to the baby, gentle movements, not too fierce; after doing what you love, you should remember to wash your body and keep it healthy.


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