During the period of pregnancy, every pregnant mother is very sensitive. She doesn’t ignore any small details. She is deeply afraid that some of her behaviors will affect the development and health of Taibao. Among them, sleep posture during pregnancy is such a problem that puzzles many pregnant mothers.

Question: do you have to fall asleep during pregnancy?

As the uterus and fetus grow up, the sleeping position of pregnant mothers becomes more and more important. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, poor sleeping posture will affect the position of the uterus, increase the compression of the pregnant uterus on the surrounding tissues and organs, affect the blood flow of the uterus and placenta, and lead to insomnia.

In recent years, the popular science of sleeping on the left side has also known the benefits of sleeping on the left side to the pregnant mother, which can reduce the pressure of the enlarged pregnant uterus on the pregnant mother’s aorta and iliac artery, maintain the blood flow of the normal uterine artery and ensure the blood supply of the placenta; It can reduce the incidence of various syndromes during pregnancy; It can also ensure the blood flow of placenta and improve the intrauterine oxygen supply of fetus.

However, some pregnant mothers complained that if they slept on their side for a long time, their feet would be very numb, and it was the same to sleep in the right lying position. If you turn over or move your right lower abdomen after a long sleep, it will hurt. How can this be done?

Another pregnant mother said: in order to force her left side to sleep, she woke up several times a night. This is the case for a week. She didn’t sleep well at all~

Answer: pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about sleeping too much!

In fact, at each stage of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can choose the appropriate sleeping position according to their own situation.

1. The first three months of pregnancy

At this time, the baby is still very small. In addition to some early pregnancy reactions, the baby will not cause any other burden on the pregnant mother’s body, so the pregnant mother can adjust her sleeping position at will, such as supine and side lying, but it is not recommended to lie prone or press her legs high.

2. Pregnancy from April to July

At this time, fetal treasure grows faster and becomes more and more important. At the same time, it will also cause a certain burden on the pregnant mother’s body, especially in sleep. At this time, the pressure on the waist will increase, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers take a lateral position, both left and right. It is not recommended to sleep on their backs for a long time.

Of course, if you are used to lying on your back, it is not completely impossible. You can put a soft pillow under your legs and raise your lower limbs, which is conducive to improving the amount of return blood and cardiac output.

3. Pregnancy from August to October

Now in the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetal treasure grows bigger and has more weight. At this time, due to the pressure on the abdomen and waist, pregnant mothers are often prone to unstable sleep and insomnia. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant mothers sleep on their sides. Sleeping on their left side can relieve the pressure of the uterus on blood vessels and improve venous reflux.

However, pregnant mothers don’t need to lie on their left all night. If necessary, they can sleep on their left, right and right. A comfortable sleeping position is suitable for them. Don’t worry too much about sleep posture to avoid excessive tension and worry about affecting sleep.

Countermeasures: pregnant mother sleeps uneasily and borrows pillow skillfully

In fact, if your sleeping position is uncomfortable for Taibao, he will tell you through reaction. When you receive the signal, adjust it to the baby’s comfortable sleeping position.

If you are really worried that your sleeping position or turning over will affect the growth and development of fetal treasure in your stomach, you can use pillows!

Pregnant mothers can put a cushion on both sides of the body, and it will be more comfortable to put their legs on when sleeping on their sides; Or when sleeping on your side, put a long pillow on your back and bend your knees slightly; Or put a pillow under your stomach and a pillow between your feet, which can also make sleep easier.

Pregnant mothers can also choose pillows or cushions specially designed for pregnant women to support their bodies and get good sleep.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers don’t have to force themselves to sleep on the left side. If it’s uncomfortable to sleep on the left side, just choose their habitual sleeping position. Of course, avoid prone lying!


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