In summer, besides heat or heat, heat is more obvious for pregnant women, because the body temperature of pregnant women is generally 0.3-0.5 degrees higher than that of normal people, and pregnant women are more afraid of heat than normal people. When it’s hot, it will make you feel that the long hair on this end is a burden, which makes you even hotter. Pregnant mother with a big stomach to wash her hair, time-consuming and laborious, after washing is sweating. I want to be more relaxed this summer. I’m afraid I need to use scissors on my long hair.

In hot summer, short hair is more suitable for pregnant women

@ Fangfang: how hot! My long hair does not reach my waist, but I always feel that my hair is holding a stream of heat, which makes people more and more hot. It’s easier to sweat after pregnancy. Now it’s hot. Should I keep or cut this long hair?

After pregnancy, a lot of things have been banned. There are even rumors that hair will compete with the fetus for nutrition. When pregnant, you can’t keep long hair. rumor! Don’t be fooled, Mommy. However, in real life, we have seen many women cut their hair short as soon as they are pregnant. But this is not necessarily because hair and fetus compete for nutrition. In fact, it is more because long hair is too inconvenient for pregnant women.

Long hair is too hot: in hot summer, elegant long hair becomes a burden. Once the hair is thrown, it will stick to the neck. How can we outline the picture of long hair floating!

Long hair is hard to wash: Although long hair is beautiful, it’s time-consuming and laborious when it comes to shampoo. It’s inconvenient to wash your hair with a big stomach.

Short hair is not only refreshing, but also easy to clean. Thus, in this hot summer, short hair may be more suitable for pregnant women. Of course, this is not absolute baby, if you have never cut short hair, difficult to accept short hair, do not have to force yourself, comfortable more important. If you want to try short hair, you might as well choose a hairstyle that suits you.

Recommended short hairstyle for pregnant women

In the hot summer, pregnant mother might as well cut her hair short to make this summer more refreshing. Let’s check the short hair style suitable for pregnant women!

1. Shoulder length hair during pregnancy

Split shoulder length hair: the hair falls down naturally, and the hair tail slightly converges on both sides of the face, which not only has the effect of face thinning, but also highlights the temperament. Soft straight hair, clean and generous, versatile and good-looking.

Side split straight hair: side split long bangs, shoulder length fluffy straight hair, lower end slightly inward convergence, intellectual beauty, simple and easy to take care of, very suitable for pregnant women.

Qi bangs straight hair: Qi bangs can highlight the power of the eyes, trim the layered sense of the hair end, and then make a slightly curved arc, so that the facial features appear more delicate and three-dimensional.

2. Very short hair during pregnancy

Ear like short hair: ear like broken bangs and ear like fluffy short hair on the back of the head make a natural transition from bangs to temples, which is somewhat intellectual and feminine. Full of messy sense of broken hair, capable at the same time endowed with a sense of style. Layers of broken hair make short hair elegant and natural.

Handsome short hair: the weight of the hair is concentrated in the bangs. The unique slanted bangs make pregnant mummy attractive. The back of the head is clean and clean, and it exudes a strong aura. It is convenient and handsome. The design of the exposed ears makes pregnant mummy fashionable and stylish.

Neutral short hair: eyebrow level bangs, neat back head, fluffy short hair on the top of the head, make pregnant mummy both capable and slightly boyish. This kind of short hair style makes you more unique. This shape will also add a lot of avant-garde alternative effects for pregnant mummy!

In summer, you may as well consider from the beginning, choose a suitable short hair, try different hairstyles and experience different beauty. Maybe you will fall in love with yourself with short hair, or you will feel that the whole person will become more relaxed and comfortable.


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