It’s really boring to stay at home during the whole pregnancy. It’s very hot in midsummer. Pregnant Mommy might as well go to the seaside to change her boring life. Blowing the sea breeze, stepping on the waves, watching the sunset and stepping on the beach… All can make people feel very relaxed and happy. However, pregnant Mommy must be well prepared before summer Seaside Tour. Don’t do anything unfit for you to go to the beach! Pregnant Mommy should have fun and safe when she goes to the beach!

What you need to know before you go to the beach

1. It is more suitable to travel in the second trimester of pregnancy

The fetus is relatively stable in the second trimester of pregnancy, and it is relatively safe to travel at this time. Moreover, in the second trimester of pregnancy, the early pregnancy reaction has disappeared, and the pregnant mother’s mental state is better, so she will be more interested in playing.

If it is early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have pregnancy vomiting and are not in the mood to play. Moreover, the early fetus is unstable, and the family generally does not allow pregnant women to go away. In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant Mommy holds a heavy body, which is easy to feel tired and not suitable for travel.

If you want to go to the beach, you’d better grasp the more stable second trimester!

2. Select appropriate means of transportation

Pregnant mothers can give priority to high-speed rail and train. If they take a long time, it is better to choose sleeper. If it’s a long-distance trip by private car, it’s best to stop for a rest in 1-2 hours. Pregnant mommy gets off and walks around, which helps pregnant Mommy maintain normal blood circulation. It’s best not to take a bumpy long-distance bus. If the road is far away, it’s inconvenient for pregnant mothers to go to the bathroom.

3. Other preparations

It’s best to choose loose and sweat absorbing cotton clothes and a pair of flat bottom anti-skid shoes, so that you can travel more easily and freely. Pregnant mothers had better go to the hospital to consult a doctor before traveling to see if their physical condition is suitable for traveling.

When traveling, you should bring relevant materials such as birth inspection manual, so as to facilitate local doctors to view in case of accidents. In addition, you should also bring sunscreen for pregnant women, sun hats, sunglasses and other sunscreen products.

Try not to do these things when you go to the beach

Although it is safer to travel in the second trimester of pregnancy, it does not mean that you can do whatever you want. Not all seaside activities are suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant mothers must not put themselves in danger.

1. Try not to dive

Diving is a dangerous sport for pregnant women. The main reason why pregnant women are not suitable for diving is that diving is easy to make pregnant women lack oxygen. The water pressure may cause discomfort or accidents to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant mothers who want to dive should bear it!

2. Try not to take a speedboat or surf

Although you also need moderate exercise during pregnancy, remember not to do too intense exercise, and the amount of exercise should not be too large. Too much exercise can easily lead to abortion, premature delivery or water rupture. Although riding a speedboat and surfing can make people feel very exciting, too much irritation may hurt the fetus.

3. Try not to swim in the sea

Most people go swimming when they go to the beach. It feels like they haven’t been to the beach before. But pregnant Mommy is not suitable for swimming when she goes to the beach. 1、 In summer, many people go to the beach, the sea water pollution is more serious, the resistance of pregnant mothers is weak, and the vagina is easy to be infected when swimming at the beach; 2、 When going out to play, traveling by car and irregular work and rest, pregnant Mommy is easy to feel tired. Swimming is very physical consumption. Pregnant Mommy can’t let her body overdraft.

Finally, I would also like to remind pregnant mothers to go to the beach and take adequate sunscreen measures. Mothers who have been to the beach know that they are easy to get sunburned and tanned by the beach. If they are not careful, they will become like people who have just returned from Africa.


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