Mother to be’s side dish has been very anxious recently, which stems from a pregnancy examination. All examinations were normal, except that the baby was 2 weeks younger. The side dish is very nervous with the B-ultrasound report. I can’t help but wonder if the nutrition is not enough?

Many people believe that the fetus is too small because the pregnant mother eats less and suffers from malnutrition. Yes, diet is one of the reasons, but there are other reasons for the small fetus.

◆ anemia of expectant mothers

Anemia in pregnant women will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus, resulting in small fetus, especially pregnant mothers with partial eclipse are more likely to be anaemic. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should absorb rich nutrition and eat more foods rich in protein and iron, such as meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to prevent the baby from being too small.

Small tips: pregnant women’s milk powder is rich in a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which can provide nutrients needed by pregnant women and fetuses.

◆ expectant mother’s pregnancy and vomiting

Expectant mothers with severe pregnancy and vomiting have poor appetite, and even vomit what they eat and lack of nutritional intake, which can easily lead to poor baby development and small fetus.

◆ wrong gestational age

Some careless expectant mothers can’t remember their last menstrual time clearly, resulting in miscalculation of gestational weeks. Therefore, when the fetus is too small, the mother to be should first confirm whether her gestational week is correct, and then compare it with the standard size of the baby at the corresponding gestational week.

◆ genetic factors

Tall couples, the baby will naturally grow up with their parents; Conversely, petite parents, the baby will be a little smaller.

◆ placental function

The placenta will deliver necessary nutrients to the fetus. If the placental absorption function is not good, even if the expectant mother’s nutritional supplement is sufficient, the fetus will not be able to absorb nutrition, which will be too small.

◆ fetal problems

Fetal problems will also affect fetal development, such as multiple births and chromosome abnormalities, which will hinder fetal development and even lead to death.

Tips: you can pay more attention to the development of your baby during pregnancy. You can always monitor your baby’s development with a home fetal heart rate monitor.

◆ bad living habits

Some expectant mothers still smoke, drink and stay up late during pregnancy. The toxicity of tobacco and alcohol will naturally be absorbed by the fetus, which will not only affect the growth of the fetus, but also cause malformations.

Tips: don’t stay up late during pregnancy. It’s bad for the development of the baby. Early to bed and early to rise can improve the sleep quality during pregnancy with the help of pregnant women’s pillows.

[warm reminder]

When the fetus is too small, Bao Ma should not be too nervous and don’t think about big and special supplements. Instead, she should respond scientifically. In addition to correcting the wrong eating habits and avoiding drinking, smoking, drug abuse and exposure to toxic substances, she should also have regular prenatal examination to master the growth status of the fetus, find and treat it early, so as to reduce the risk caused by fetal growth retardation.


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