Mother is the greatest profession in the world, is the most selfless, regardless of pay and harvest. October pregnancy is just the beginning of being a mother, with joy and anxiety. At this time, as a father to be, he should give more love and care to his mother to be. The process of giving birth to a life is long and hard. Pregnant mothers have to face all kinds of physiological and psychological changes caused by progesterone. A large part of pregnant mothers are easy to eat and sleep poorly.

My father to be followed me to see how to give better care to my mother to be.

First, ease the mood

We should know that long-term anxiety during pregnancy is particularly harmful to the fetus and pregnant mother. It not only affects the physical and mental health of pregnant mother, but also indirectly harms the baby in the belly. Therefore, what the father to be should do is to care more about the pregnant mother with his family during the whole pregnancy, enlighten the pregnant mother and help her overcome the anxiety and anxiety during pregnancy. The father to be can also learn some knowledge about pregnancy and face the growth of the baby with the pregnant mother. This will not only help the pregnant mother to ease her anxiety, but also help the father to be more tolerant and understand the difficulties of the pregnant mother.

Secondly, to ensure the appetite of pregnant women

In early pregnancy, the first thing many pregnant mothers have to face is pregnancy reaction – pregnancy vomiting. Or some pregnant mothers will have a big change in taste, especially like partial food. In the long run, these two situations are easy to cause unbalanced nutrition. Pregnant mothers and their babies will also be affected. Expectant fathers should not blame blindly. They should be understanding and tolerant. They can share the housework with their families, make some food that pregnant mothers love to eat, and prepare some delicious snacks. Considering pregnant mothers’ physical condition, they should choose some milk powder suitable for pregnant mothers’ taste to help them balance their nutrition.

Thirdly, skin care is indispensable

Before pregnancy, the beautiful girl with beautiful figure and tender skin will face the situation of bloated and out of shape, rough and dry skin after pregnancy. It’s not that the pregnant mother doesn’t love beauty, but everyone loves beauty. Especially for women, the same is true during pregnancy, so the skin care during pregnancy should not be left behind. The father to be provides a set of special skin care products for the pregnant mother, Help pregnant mother keep skin tender, I believe pregnant mother will be very happy.

Finally, make sure you have enough rest

During pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester, with the growing belly, pregnant mothers often face the situation that they can’t fall asleep for a long time. Do expectant fathers often listen to pregnant mothers’ complaints and feel uncomfortable sleeping! Hurry to buy comfortable pillow for pregnant mother, help pregnant mother have a good sleep, enough rest is the most important thing to save a day’s energy.

I’ve said so much. Is dad to be here? At the end of the day, company has to be distracted~


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