Did you make it? The fetus can remember the Baba numb sound, like a sound radar, can sensitively get the frequency of the sound. Scientists have done relevant experiments on this statement——

☛ Dutch scientists:

Play the “vibration sound” for the fetus, and soon the fetus will have a “memory” of it. By observing fetal movement and heart rate, we found that 30 week old fetus can “remember” a sound for 10 minutes. By week 34, the fetus may “remember” the sound for four weeks.

The study shows that fetuses have short-term memory of sounds at 30 weeks of gestation, and long-term memory of sounds after that.

☛ Stephen Evans:

He chose a piece of music that would allow mothers to be to play around the womb for 16 minutes at 20 weeks of gestation for seven consecutive days. After birth, babies who have heard this music in their mothers’ stomachs will become quieter than other babies once they hear this music again.

The study shows that babies can remember and recognize certain music clips after birth when they hear them in the womb.

Therefore, although the fetus can not speak, but to a certain gestational weeks, the sensory organs slowly develop. TA will “erect” small ears to listen to the voice of the outside world, especially to listen to Baba numb voice.

So, let’s interact with baby in my stomach as soon as possible. Let’s start prenatal education!

   A kind of Music fetal education: listen to a little song for your baby

Music has a far-reaching impact on the intelligence of the fetus, especially on the development of the right brain and the cultivation of creative ability. Mothers to be can often play or hum light and rhythmic tunes to their babies, such as children’s songs, folk songs, light music, etc., so that the baby can be in a music filled environment.

> > > tips:

1. In music fetal education, mothers to be should relax, take a warm bath, drink warm milk, lie in bed to find a comfortable position, and then listen to wonderful music with the baby.

2. Listen to music not only with mobile phones, computers and other tools, mothers to be can buy fetal education equipment. The fetal education instrument on the market has a variety of functions, which can play music and realize mother and son listening together. In addition, there are many early education functions, baby can continue to use after birth oh.

   A kind of Talk about fetal education: talk to your baby for a while

During pregnancy, zhunbaba hemp can talk with the fetus with emotional and pleasant voice, which can give early language stimulation to the fetus. Quasi Baba hemp can talk about happy and interesting things, let the baby and you feel happy mood together.

   A kind of Reading fetal education: tell a story to your baby

Tell more fetal education stories, also conducive to the baby’s brain development! In the story of fetal education, expectant mothers should give full play to their rich imagination and transmit them to the fetus through words, so as to promote the healthy growth of the fetal mind.

> > > tips:

From 4 months of pregnancy, Zhun Baba hemp can tell stories to the baby every day. Education baby, start from the fetus.


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