The reason why pregnant women are a special group is that their physical and psychological conditions will directly affect the fetus. If pregnant women are in bad mood for a long time, it will cause irreparable consequences.

I. poor mood will cause a variety of adverse effects

1. Cause fetal malnutrition

When pregnant women are in a bad mood, their physical functions will also be in an inefficient working state, their appetite is generally not good, and their ability to digest food is weak. In this way, the nutrition provided to the fetus will be affected. Over time, it will lead to insufficient nutrition and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Cause fetal hypoxia or even asphyxia

When pregnant women lose their temper or feel depressed, their blood pressure is easy to rise. Elevated blood pressure will affect the blood circulation of the placenta, which is prone to insufficient oxygen supply, resulting in fetal hypoxia. Therefore, pregnant women should try to avoid ups and downs, and always pay attention to their blood pressure.

3. Cause fetal mental retardation

Pregnant women and fetus are integrated. When pregnant women are in a state of poor mood or even anxiety and irritability, in addition to insufficient nutrition supply and brain hypoxia, they will also let the body release substances harmful to the fetus, hinder the development of the fetal brain, and lead to fetal malformation in serious cases.

4. Affect the emotional character of the fetus in the future

The mood of pregnant women during pregnancy is actually a kind of “prenatal education”. The fetus can feel the mood of pregnant women, and the temper of the fetus will be very similar to that of the mother. If you don’t want your baby to be grumpy after birth, pregnant women should learn to control their temper.

5. Being depressed for a long time is more likely to suffer from postpartum depression

Pregnant women in poor mood for a long time are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression, which will threaten the life safety of their children.

Therefore, pregnant women must manage their emotions during pregnancy, learn to persuade themselves, think more happy things, avoid depression and make themselves happy every day.

II. How to adjust the symptoms of poor mood

1. Listen to relaxing music

Music is also one of prenatal education. Even if pregnant women like passionate or sad music, they should listen less during pregnancy. Listen to more soothing and relaxed music to make you feel peaceful, which is also conducive to cultivating children’s music cells.

2. Know how to release bad emotions

If you are upset, you should know how to vent. You can record your bad emotions in your diary, or tell your emotions to your best friend, so that your best friend can solve your doubts. At the same time, you should comfort yourself and release your emotions.

3. Actively communicate with others

Some pregnant women go home to rest after pregnancy. It’s easier to think nonsense when they stay at home alone. At this time, you can actively participate in the activities of expectant mothers, enjoy the happiness of friendship when communicating with other expectant mothers, release your bad emotions, and enhance your confidence in dealing with difficulties after the baby is born.

Pregnant women are prone to ups and downs. In addition to their own adjustment, they also need the understanding of their husbands and family members. Husbands and family members should not think that pregnancy is a matter for pregnant women alone, but should take the initiative to take the responsibility of caring for pregnant women, pay attention to the emotional changes of pregnant women, and give help in time, so that pregnant women can feel care and love, and make pregnant women happy every day!


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