In spring, the weather is humid, and the probability of wet and slippery ground is high. As a expectant mother, in the wet season, we should pay special attention to home and travel, and be careful not to fall.

For expectant mothers in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, doctors will see “high” in the column of “fall risk” in the medical record of prenatal examination. As the mother’s abdomen bulges, she will slip and fall slowly, especially when she is late pregnant.

If you fall down in the early pregnancy, the fertilized egg implantation is not stable, and it is easy to separate from the endometrium, it may cause threatened abortion or even direct abortion;

Although the fetus in the second and third trimester of pregnancy has the protection of amniotic fluid, it is very easy to cause premature rupture of amniotic fluid or placental exfoliation due to the impact of the mother to be falling suddenly or the compression of the stomach, which may lead to massive hemorrhage, premature delivery or abortion. In this case, both adults and fetuses will be in a very dangerous situation.

Therefore, whether indoors or outdoors, expectant mothers should be careful and watch the road under their feet to prevent slipping or falling.

Precautions for indoor fall prevention:

1. Keep the house clean and tidy

It is very important for expectant mothers to have a clean and tidy home environment. Don’t pile up too many sundries at home. Even if there are sundries, they should be placed safely to avoid occupying the activity space. Avoid too much clutter, affect the activities of the expectant mother, there is also a risk of tripping the expectant mother.

2. Take anti-skid measures indoors

Toilets, kitchens and balconies are high risk places for slipping. You can place anti-skid mats or prepare a pair of thick rubber soled and anti-skid shoes in these places to increase the friction under your feet and prevent slipping.

Family members can pay attention to the time when the expectant mother enters the toilet. If the time is too long, knock on the door and ask the expectant mother if there is an accident. If there is no response, they should immediately check in.

Outdoor fall prevention precautions:

1. The dress is light and not cumbersome

It’s easy and safe for expectant mothers to walk with anti-skid and light pregnant shoes. Don’t go out in high-heeled shoes or other non slip shoes just because you are pregnant or feel good about yourself. If you fall, it’s not worth the loss.

2. Pay attention to the road conditions and travel cautiously

When going out, expectant mothers must pay attention to the road conditions, especially the wet and potholes. Walking should be slow and steady, in order to always pay attention to the situation under the feet. Do not stay in crowded places for a long time to avoid being knocked down.

3. Learn to help yourself and ask for help

If the mother to be falls inevitably due to blood sugar or cramps, first observe whether there are reliable people or objects around her. Try to keep her knees forward and keep her kneeling posture when she falls, so as not to hit her stomach violently. At the same time, ask the people around you for help and help them to a safe place to rest.

If you fall in the first trimester of pregnancy, although there is no symptoms of threatened abortion, it is also recommended that the expectant mother go to the hospital for examination to ensure the condition of the fetus. In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother should not only judge her own physical condition, but also pay attention to the fetal movement of the fetus. If any abnormality is found, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately. Finally, I wish every expectant mother can meet her baby safely.


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